How To Fix Nintendo switch error code 2813-0091?

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Nintendo switch error code 2813-0091

It solely depends on your preferences and what console you are fond of. Some people are Xbox people and some of them still swear by the Nintendo Switch.

There are many other consoles on the market but here we will be talking about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch only.

There are so many features on the Nintendo Switch that make it unique but that is not why you are here.

You are here because the Nintendo Switch also has some pretty unique error codes and they are troubling you while you are trying to game.

Many players face error codes on Nintendo Switch and it is not to establish the fact that the other consoles in the market do not have issues.

Every console comes with its own set of issues however, here we will discuss the error code on Nintendo Switch.

In this blog, we will attempt to understand the Nintendo Switch error code 2813-0091. All the important details in the form of the meaning of the error code as well as the reasons behind it will be discussed before we get into the tried and tested fixes for the error code.

Let’s get into it. 

What is the error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch?

The error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch applies to Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch OLED model, and the Nintendo Switch family.

Understanding the meaning of this error code is easy as the Nintendo support website clearly mentions this error code.

The error code 2813-0091 affects the transactions for online purchases on the Nintendo e-shop.

Usually, this is a credit card transaction failure.

The official website however does not go into the detail of the issue. We will discuss the reasons behind this error code in the next section.

reasons behind error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch

The official support website does not mention the exact causes of the credit card transaction failure that lie outside the range of Nintendo.

They only mention a couple of reasons that solve the issues on the Nintendo system.

Here is a list of reasons why you might be witnessing the error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch.

  • The Nintendo e-shop is not responding
  • There is a temporary server outage on Nintendo
  • There is a card authentication trouble
  • The card that you are using is blocked
  • The bank server is down
  • You have entered incorrect card details
  • The internet connection is weak.

These are the reasons that most appropriately explain the error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch.

How To Fix Nintendo switch error code 2813-0091?

We will start with the fixes that are suggested on the official support website and then we will discuss the solutions that the other players have tried when they were faced with the error code 2813-0091 on Nintendo.

Here is how you can solve the error code 2813-0091 on the Nintendo Switch and complete your online purchase.

Fix 1: The Nintendo e-shop is not responding

The e-shop is not a fault-free service and can sometimes stop responding for unknown reasons.

This is acknowledged by the support team as well and they suggest leaving the shop and refreshing the system before you try to log back into the shop. 

This solves the glitches with the e-shop if there are any.

Fix 2: Temporary server outage

The transaction needs a lot of successful connections to complete. The connection to the Nintendo server is one of the most important ones as this is where all your account information is stored.

It is also the communication link between the shop and the bank for the transaction.

The temporary outage of the server could be due to maintenance or congestion of traffic causing the server to crash.

The support team suggests that you wait for a few hours for the server to go back up and then try to conduct the transaction again.

Fix 3: Card authentication trouble

The e-shop needs to authenticate your identity as well as the card viability for the transaction to be completed.

Sometimes, the authentication fails due to the Nintendo server failure and you can simply refresh the system and try to conduct the transaction again.

Fix 4: The card is blocked

There are many reasons that the card you are using could be blocked.

There might be suspicious activity on the card or a non-payment of dues. Many more reasons can explain this as well but the error is on the part of your credit card in this case.

If you have a reason to suspect that your credit card may have been blocked, then you should contact your bank to alleviate the ban. 

You can also try to use another card if that is not an issue.

Fix 5: The bank server is down

The bank server also needs to be in the communication loop for a successful transaction on your credit card.

If the bank server is down, you will not be able to finish the transaction.

As you will wait for the technical team for any other server, you have to do the same with your bank server.

Some banks also announce a server outage for maintenance well in advance so make sure to check the communication from your bank for the same.

Fix 6: Incorrect card details entered

Credit card details contain so many numbers for authentication and if you have more than one, it is very easy to get the numbers mixed up.

Make sure to double-check the card details whenever you enter them for a transaction.

Fix 7: The internet connection is weak

Your internet connection determines if you will be able to communicate to the servers for the transaction.

Make sure to verify your internet speed and stability when you are working on the internet and encounter any error code on any platform.

Fix 8: Contact the Nintendo Support team

Although the Nintendo support website already lists the possible solutions for this error code, they also provide you with a link to access further assistance on the issue.

Here is the link to contact the support team for further help.

You can also ask a question on the user support forums for Nintendo support and other players might help you through this error code resolution.


It is irritating when you want to purchase a new game on the Nintendo e-shop but your credit card transaction does not go through.

In this case, you are greeted with the error code 2813-0091.

However, we have made a list of the solutions that can help you fix this error code in a jiffy. Hopefully, this was helpful. 

Keep following for more gaming advice and solutions.

Happy Gaming!!

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