How To Fix If “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos”?

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How To Fix If "No Sound When Playing Amazon Prime Videos"

The world is shifting its entertainment needs from traditional TV shows, movie halls, movies on rent to online streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

These new means of entertainment are penetrating every home and every member irrespective of who they are. Amazon Prime Video is one such streaming service having one of the vastest directories of TV shows and movies available to watch.

Audio and video problems occur with almost all apps, it’s inevitable to face audio or video problems. Though there is no singular reason as to why this happens, we have created a list of fixes that may help you in fixing these problems.

In this article, you will find solutions to fix “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos” on Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, mobile devices, and desktops. The article will guide users through to many possible reasons as to why there is a sound issue with Amazon Prime Video.

How to fix if “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos”?

Listed below are some ways to fix the “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos” problem on your device:

Note: Please ensure that the volume on your device is not muted. Thoroughly check the Sound Settings in Amazon Prime Video to make sure the volume is not muted. If you are using external Speakers, verify that they are functioning properly. Also, try closing and opening the Amazon Prime Video on your device.

Restart the Device

Sometimes, a simple restart of your device may be able to do the trick and fix your “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos” problem. Listed below are steps to restart your device:

  • Restart Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

You can shut down your Android mobile and iOS mobile by simply long-pressing the power button available on your device

After 10 secs of pressing the power button, the device will shut down. Wait for 10-20 secs then long-press the power button again to reboot your mobile device.

  • Restart Windows and Mac PC

To restart your Windows and Mac PC, just navigate to the “Windows” button on the bottom left of your screen or the “Apple” button on the top left of your screen, respectively. If you are using a Mac, you will find an option labeled “Restart”, click on it to restart your Mac PC. If you are using a Windows PC, just go to “Power > Restart” to perform a restart of your PC.

  • Restart Digital Media Player (Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku TV)

To restart Apple TV, go to “Settings > System” and select restart.

To restart Fire TV, open “Settings” and click on “My Fire TV” and select “Restart”.

To restart Roku TV, go to “Settings > System > System Restart” and confirm.

Check Cables

If you are using a device that is using cables to play Amazon Prime Video like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc. Make sure the cables responsible for audio transmission are properly intact. Reconnect all the cables going in and out of your device.

Also, check by replacing the Sound transmission cables like HDMI cable to ensure that there is no problem in the functioning of the cables. After you have done all that, restart Amazon Prime Video and try again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

  • For Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

Long-press the app icon listed in the apps menu of your device. After long-pressing the icon, an uninstall option will appear. Click on it to uninstall the app from your device. Now, download the app again from your authorized app provider (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

  • For Apple TV and Fire TV Devices

To uninstall Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV, navigate to “Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications”. Select “Amazon Prime Video” and click on Uninstall.

To uninstall Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, go to the app icon on your home screen and long-press till the icon starts to shake. Now, for accessing the “Options”, click the “Play/Pause” button and select the option of “Uninstall”

Reinstall Amazon Prime Video for Fire TV and Apple TV through authorized app providers.

Update Device Firmware

Sometimes the “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos” occurs if the system software requires an update. Check for updates on your particular device regularly.

If there is an update available for the device, immediately update the device firmware. Now, restart the Amazon Prime Video and check if this has solved your problem.


We hope that you have solved your problem of “No sound when playing Amazon Prime videos” on your device. If not, there can be a hardware malfunction with your device. Contact your system manufacturer or a specialized person to look into the problem. Thank you for going through our article. 

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