How to Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio?

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If you are facing the Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio issue then try given below troubleshoot methods to fix the issue.

  • Change Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Aspect Ratio
  • Try playing any other title to ensure if it’s a particular title related issue.
  • Try using any other streaming service.
  • Check for system update.

Streaming services are the norm of today. Anybody and everybody are using streaming services to satisfy their entertainment needs.

One such leading streaming service is Amazon Prime Video. It is started by one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon.

Even though Amazon Prime Video is one of the flawless streaming services out there, users are experiencing the wrong aspect ratio problem on Amazon Prime Video.

This usually happens when you are using Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video on a smart TV like Samsung, Hisense, Roku, Sony, etc.

Although the problem can persist on any device you are using to watch Amazon Prime Video. This article will focus on providing you with the solutions to fix the “Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio” problem.

How to Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio?

Given below are some steps and solutions to fix “Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio” on your device:

Solutions 1: Change Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video aspect ratio

Usually, when you start playing anything on Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video, it presents itself on widescreen.

Amazon Prime Video/Instant video does not feature a manually adjusted video aspect ratio. However, you may be able to change the aspect ratio from the device that you are using to play Amazon Prime Video or Instant video.

Listed below are some options by which you can adjust and change Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video aspect ratio:

  1. You can change the aspect ratio to a 10:9 standard display which is supported by many devices.
  2. You can also use a 4:3 display that is suitable for SD broadcasts and Video Home Systems (VSHs).
  3. One can also use a custom Aspect ratio depending upon their preference and the device they are using. Although we advise you to view the content in the aspect ratio it was meant to be in, to enjoy the content to its full potential.
  4. Or you can just choose the option of “Fit to Screen”, which will enable your video to adapt to any aspect ratio on which your device is functioning on.

How To Change aspect ratio For LG TV?

  1. Many times the problems can be the “Amazon Prime/Instant Video wrong aspect ratio” problem can be solved by setting the Mode Setting to “Home Use”. Press the “Home” button on your TV remote. Now go to, “Setting > Option > Mode Setting”. After you select “Mode Setting”, set it to “Home Use”.
  2. To change the aspect ratio manually on your LG TV, go to “Setting > Picture > Aspect Ratio”. In the aspect ratio column, you will find many aspect ratios to choose from. Choose your desired aspect ratio to apply changes.

How To Change aspect ratio For Samsung TV:

To change the aspect ratio from Samsung TV, just go “Setting > Picture > Screen Adjustment”. In the “Screen adjustment column, you will find options to adjust your aspect ratio.

Solution 2: Switch to Any other Title

Before adopting any of the steps given in this article, please make sure to check other titles.

Sometimes the problem can only be there for a singular title. This has nothing to do with you but is a problem by the server of Amazon Prime Video.

If the problem of the wrong aspect ratio is only with the particular title, you can contact Amazon and ask them for a refund or ask for customer support to fix your problem for you.

Solution 3: Try Using Any Other Streaming Service

We will suggest you to try playing any other streaming service such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. By doing this you can check if the Aspect Ratio issue is just with the Prime Video, or you are getting the issue with all other streaming services.

If you are getting the aspect ratio issue with all the streaming services then it means the reason for the issue is your TV. And to resolve the issue check for your system update, or contact your TV Manufacture.

But if the other streaming services are working fine, and the issue is not arising with prime video. Then we will suggest you to contact Prime Video support.

Solution 4: Update the System Software

Sometimes the problem can persist if you have not updated the software of the device you are viewing Amazon Prime Video on. Follow the steps given below to update the system software of your particular device.

For Hisense TV

To update your Hisense TV system software, simply go to “All > About > System Update”. Then click on “Detect” with the help of your remote. If any updates are available, install them right away.


For your LG TV, press the “Home” button present on your TV remote. Now, navigate to, “Settings > All Settings > General > About”. Click on the “Check for Updates” button. If you have any pending updates available, install them.

For Samsung TV

For checking updates on your Samsung TV, go to “Settings > Support > Software Update”. The software will perform a scan and tell you if any updates are available for your firmware. Click on “Install Updates,” and updates will be installed onto your device.

Note: There are different procedures to perform updates on any TV, but the overall essence of the steps remains the same. You can use the steps given above to install system updates on any device.


You do not need to worry now if you have any problem with your Amazon Prime Video. Our website offers tailored solutions to all your needs. We hope now you can solve your problem of Amazon Prime Video/Instant Video Wrong Aspect Ratio. Thank you for visiting our website and reading this article. Come back for more updates and solutions.

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