How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Sound Issues?

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There are various reasons which can cause the sound issues in the prime video, such as wrong volume settings, device incompatible, HDMI Cable etc.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the leading entertainment streaming services on the market today. The service that was started in 2006 is now in its full stride.

Amazon Prime Video is now on everybody’s list, and almost all people are using it around the world. The service is now available in over 200 countries around the world.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Sound Issues

It is a subscription-based streaming service that is priced at a nominal rate. Users can take subscriptions from a month to over a year at once. 

No software is free of bugs, and hence Amazon Prime Video also incurs bugs sometimes. The sound issue in Amazon Prime Video occurs quite a few times.

This article will focus on sound issues that occur on Amazon Prime Video. You will find the causes of such problems and solutions to tackle them.

What causes sound issues on Prime Video?

Various reasons can cause a Sound Problem on Amazon Prime Video. It is fairly difficult to pinpoint what is causing the sound problem while playing Amazon Prime Video on your device. Though, we have listed some reasons for sound problems below:

1. Volume Settings

There is a slight possibility that your device’s volume settings are messed up. It can be set at a very low volume, also it may be muted. Try to reconfigure these settings. 

2. Device Incompatible

There is a slight possibility that your device may not be compatible with Amazon Prime Video. Check the list of Amazon Prime Video trusted devices. Almost all the devices are listed there.

3. HDMI Cable

Sometimes the HDMI cable may be faulty. Make sure the connections are intact, and the cable is working properly by replacing the cable.

Solution for Sound issues on Amazon Prime Video

There are many solutions to the sound problem on Amazon Prime Video. Given below are a list of solutions that can solve your Sound issues:

  • Relaunch The Application
  • Restart Your Device
  • Reinstall The Application
  • Check Cable Connections
  • Change Audio Settings
  • Perform A Software Update
  • Update Firmware
  • Factory Reset

1. Relaunch the Application

Force close the application on whatever device you are using to view Amazon Prime Video. After closing the application, wait for 10-30 seconds and relaunch the application. Play the title that you want to watch and check if the sound problem persists.

2. Restart your device

When machines are overworked, they start to become laggy and give numerous problems. Similarly, your device also needs to reboot from time to time. If you have not performed a reboot recently, shut down the device and wait for a few minutes. After that, restart your device and play Amazon Prime Video to check if the problem is solved.

3. Reinstall the Application

Sometimes the problem is in the application/channel itself. Uninstall the application by the standard procedure specified for your device. Now open your particular app provider and install the Amazon Prime Video application again. 

4. Check Cable Connections

There are a lot of wires coming in and going out of your device. Make sure all the wires are intact. Just to be sure, disconnect and reconnect all the cables. Sometimes the cable may have incurred a fault, try replacing the cables you doubt on. 

5. Change Audio Settings

Sound problems can also occur if the volume is muted or set at a very low level. Make sure the sound settings are properly set, and the device is not muted.

6. Perform a Software Update

Amazon Prime Video comes with a software update regularly. Check for software updates for your application. If there are any updates available, install them and try again.

7. Update Firmware

Maybe the software of your particular device may be out of date. Check for updates on your device and install them if there are any.

8. Factory Reset

This option should only be applied as a last resort because it will restore your device to how it was when you first bought it. Perform a factory reset of your device and check for the sound problem on Amazon Prime Video.


There are plenty of reasons and solutions for sound issues on Amazon Prime Video. We have tried to list all the possible situations in our article above.

Perform the steps given above thoroughly and carefully, we are sure it will solve all your sound issues on Amazon Prime Video. If the solutions listed above are not able to solve your problem, please contact your device manufacturer for an inspection visit.

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out this article. Come back for more updates and solutions only on our website.

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