How To Get Refund For Prime Video Membership & Digital Purchases?

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Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service started by Amazon Inc. The streaming service is optimally designed and is winning over users everywhere. The service is currently available in over 190 countries.

You can enjoy Amazon Prime Video in many languages, including most of the regional languages too.

The service can be taken for trial for up to 30 days, after which the user shall pay a nominal subscription fee.

How To Get Refund For Prime Video Membership & Digital Purchases

Subscription can be canceled anytime within the timeframe of 30 days.

The subscription can also be obtained monthly or annually. 

The article consists of all the information about “How To Get Refund For Prime Video Membership & Digital Purchases?”.

You will find ways to get a refund for Prime Video Membership and Digital Purchases, along with the procedure for canceling certain purchases and memberships.

How To Cancel a Digital Purchase on Prime Video?

To cancel a mistakenly rented or purchased video, just go to the video in your Amazon Prime Video library and click on the cancel button listed next to the video title. 

Please note that not all purchases and rented videos can be canceled on Amazon Prime Video.

The video can only be canceled if you cancel the digital purchase immediately.

Also, you can avail of a refund on your purchased video if you have not started watching the video.

Once you start watching a video, you can not apply for a refund.

The refund period is 14 days for Europe and 48 hours for everywhere else in the world.

To prevent accidental purchases, you can set Parental control settings that help you in avoiding these mistakes. 

You can access these settings in the “Account and Settings” section of your account.

How To Cancel Membership of Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video gives a free 30-day trial to get users used to the service.

You can cancel anytime in between these 30 days, and you would not be charged with anything.

If you have paid for the subscription, you can not apply for a refund, but you can cancel the subscription before it is billed on your card for the next month. 

How To Refund for Amazon Prime Video Membership and Digital purchases?

Refunds are processed quite quickly on Amazon. If you have successfully canceled the purchase on your card, you are eligible for a refund.

The period set by the company is up to 7 days, but the refund should reflect in your account way before that. 

Wait for 7 days before talking to the customer support of the company.

What If You Need Further Assistance?

If none of the solutions above are enough to solve your problem, please contact the customer support section of Amazon.

You can find contact information for customer support on the Amazon Prime Video website.

Amazon customer support system is available 24/7, and the wait time is very less.

You can convey your problems to them, and if there is a possible solution, they will certainly help you with it. 


You should be very careful while purchasing something or taking a subscription account for any service.

Think twice, then only decide to purchase something on your card. Mostly it can be difficult to get a refund for such silly mistakes.

However, Amazon allows refunds in some cases. You will find all the information about getting a refund for Amazon Prime Video membership and digital purchases in the article above.

We are sure you have read the article carefully and will be able to apply for a refund if it is applicable in your case. Thank you for reading the whole article! 

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