A Complete How To Guide For Mi Phones Errors

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Mi is one of the fastest-growing companies in a few years and gets huge market attention due to their quality mobile phones at affordable prices.

In this post, we are going to quickly provide you every possible solution to the most common MI Phones Errors.

Error 1: Xiaomi Phone Sim Card Activation Error

It is one of the annoying Mi Phone errors, and it occurs just after purchasing a new phone due to the extra security.

Mi Phones need activation after purchase, and if you are unable to do it correctly, your phone will start showing you this error “Can’t Activate Sim Card”.

A Complete How To Guide For Mi Phones Errors

Here Is Fix

  • Go to the official website https://account.xiaomi.com
  • Login to your account, if not registered then register first
  • Visit security option
  • Enter your no, please double-check otherwise it can lead to other issues
  • Click on change
  • Wait for the confirmation message and verify
  • You are done

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Error 2: Methods To Unlock Mi Phone Without Losing Data In Case Of Password Forgot

Forgetting the password is one of the common mistakes and can be fixed in a few easy steps, but it can lead you to your data loss.

There are very few password recovery options where you can reset your password without losing data.

  • Enter the wrong password for five-time
  • You will see Google Account password recovery option
  • Click on forget password
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Now add a new pattern or add password
  • Tap continue and follow the instruction

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You face this error “Cannot Receive Hello Packet Error” due to any issue with your phone’s software or hardware.

Here is fix

To fix this issue, you are required to have a computer.

  • Remove the current version of the installed MiFlash Tool
  • Download and install the latest version of MIUI ROM Flashing Tool
  • Download the official ROM for MiFlash
  • Copy the downloaded ROM file to C:\ drive on your PC
  • Eliminate the battery from the phone
  • Connect the test-points, and attach your device to PC with USB-Cable.
  • Your device should be found and known as QDloader (com)
  • Now in MiFlash, pick the ROM folder, and choose “Clean all,” then hit the “Flash” button.
  • “Cannot receive hello packet” must be resolved now.

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Error 4: How To Connect Mobile To PC With Mi Drop?

  • Download and install Mi Drop to your phone
  • Make sure your phone and pc is using the same wifi
  • Open the Mi Drop app from your phone
  • Now choose from the given options as per your requirement
  • You will see an FTP link on MI Drop App, copy it
  • Open the link with any browser
  • Now you can see the options to transfer the file

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