How To Host A Virtual Game Night With Using Zoom?

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Oh the sadness of being robbed of our game nights and slumber parties; in this pandemic rings in many of our hearts.

So, to save ourselves and our family & friends from this looming fog of boredom, what could be a better idea than hosting a virtual game night.

It might seem a bit of a hassle hosting one, but I promise it’s a piece of cake for all old and young. Without any further ado, let me tell you how to set up a virtual game night.

To begin with the only things you and your friends need is a smooth internet connection, a video conferencing app and games you’d likely be able to incorporate in your virtual game night.

Which Video Conferencing App To Choose?

With so many video conferencing services available, it can get confusing which one to go for.

Some of which I’d like to suggest are Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and Discord. Since Zoom and Discord have topped as my personal favourites I’d be briefing on how to use one of them for our game night journey.

How To Host Virtual Game Night Using Zoom?

Zoom has been definitely trending as one of the most preferred video conferencing services. There are several ways to start and join a zoom meeting

You can start the meeting from the Zoom desktop client in PC or the Zoom app in cell phones which you can install from the Zoom Download centre or via Google Play Store.

Having downloaded it, you’ll need a Zoom account which again you can absolutely sign up for free.

Launching And Inviting Friends To Your Zoom Game Night

Once you are done signing up you’ll be redirected to the Zoom interface where you select the New Meeting icon to start the meeting right away or you can go to their website, click on ‘Host a meeting’, select any one of the options displayed and then ‘Launch Meeting’.

Go to the bottom tab, select the ‘Participants’ icon and then ‘Invite’. You can then sent the meeting invitation link to your friends, from any of the options that will be available, through which they will be able to join the meeting. 

Your friends wouldn’t need an account to join the meeting and they can also directly join the meeting through their browser.

Which games To Go For Game Night

A few fun simple classic games you’d want to give a shot would be

1. Trivia

Trivia has to be one of the simplest games out there you can set up for your game night.

Any of you among your friends can be the host who can shoot out spicy questions to test who’s got the best knowledge on the topics you all fan over, and host too can be part of the game.

You can always search up online trivia game websites with the already prepared questions and share your screen. 

2. Charades  

Yet another simple and fun game to look out for is Charades.

It comprises of at least two teams. A member from the opposing team will come forward and act out a word, a phrase or a movie’s name provided by your team.

The other members from the opposing team will have to then guess whatever their team mate is acting out. The same will go for your team and whichever team guesses quickly, correctly and gets the maximum wins, bravo! Is the winner.

3. Exploding Kittens

Did you say kittens?Adorbs. I’d say not to mistake it for a cutesy game for it calls upon a lot of strategical moves. The players need to draw cards from a deck, and if you happen to draw an exploding kitten card, you must diffuse it before the time runs out.

If not, the kitten explodes and you’re out of the game. Not to forget but there are so many other cards to watch out for. For instance you’ve got cards to peek at the deck, attack other players and the list goes on.

And all this is possible by checking out the Exploding Kittens game app. You and your friends can download the app and play it virtually through your video chatting interface.

4. Tabletopia

If you and your friends are board game fans, then this website has everything you could wish for.

With so many games to choose from, you can even create games and play real time with opponents from all round the world. So start your virtual game night soon and dig into all the fun this site has to offer. 

5. Virtual Murder Mystery

If you want to add a dash of spooky element to your zoom game night, then I’d say why not solve a murder mystery you and your friends can devise.

Form teams, assign roles, swap clues in your break out rooms, have guides to get the game going and unravel the fun secret mysteries you’ve got out there. A website you’d also love to check out while playing mystery games would be Spyfall.

6. Among Us

Coming off as the top rated online game obsession for a while now, this online multiplayer social deduction game is sure to add that extra oomph to your game night. You can simply download the game in Google Play Store.

Players are randomly assigned either as the crew mate or the imposter aboard a spaceship in the game. The crewmates have no idea who the imposter is.

They have to carry out small tasks to maintain the spaceship while the imposter stealthily kills them one by one without getting caught.

The crewmates have to figure out who the imposter is among them and the latter has to make it seem as if he is just an innocent crewmate like the others.

If the imposter does get caught then he is eliminated and the team flags up a victory. If not, welp the imposter continues his killing spree until he becomes the winner.

This all works out under the premise of one’s skills to develop trust and deceive and playing it while video chatting cannot get any better.

How To End Game Night On Zoom?

To end the meeting, the host can simply select ‘End’ at the top right corner of the Zoom screen and either exit out from the meeting through the ‘leave meeting’ option(which also applies for other members who wish to leave the meeting) or select ‘End meeting for all’. 

In case any player has left the meeting by accident he can simply join the meeting with the link that had been provided earlier by the host.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need any other things for a virtual game night?

Not necessarily, virtual game nights only asks for a reliable internet connection, video conferencing app, a webcam, games to play over video chatting and ideas to make your virtual game nights interesting.

Are there any other games we can play over Zoom?

Yes, some more favourites of ours are Heads Up, Pictionary, Codenames and as such, it is a never ending list.

Can we go for any other video conferencing service besides Zoom?

Yes, absolutely. Other generally preferred services you can try out are Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Discord and so on.

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