How To Make Money On Minecraft Economy Server?

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There is just no doubt that money plays are really important and crucial role in both the physical world we live in as well as the Minecraft World we play in. And a constant source of money as well as wealth is always necessary for one in order to stay afloat.

And when I say afloat I do not actually mean afloat in air but, afloat as in making the most out of the game and enjoy the playing the game as it should be. Because, be it in the real world or in fact the Digital world of Minecraft, money is such a thing I suppose which makes things actually possible to do and achieve.

Hence, in the following post I have tried covering it up all. From steps on earning money inside Minecraft Servers, to where to actually go on finding Economy servers, to even earning a few real bucks from Minecraft in the real world, you should find it all covered up in the following post you are reading here today.

So, my humble advise to you would be to just down, relax and absorb it all properly in order to make the best out of it.

How To Go About This Article?

Now, before we begin on our journey, I believe it is really important you have a road map with you for the following post. Just so that you can move about the post and know what to find where and what to expect where.

  1. Top 5 Minecraft Economy Servers for 2020
  2. Guide on: How to make Money on Minecraft Economy Server?
  3. Ways on: How to earn real Money from Minecraft Servers?

Here, I believe all the sections are pretty simple to understand as well as figure out what the sections will actually be covering up. However, if you are having trouble figuring out. Basically the whole post is divided into three major primary sections.

First, part is where I have tried to list out the top 10 Economy Servers to visit in the year 2020 to earn game money for Minecraft. Then the second part consist of a detailed Guide on: How to follow certain methods or steps on making Money on Minecraft Economy Servers itself, so that you can buy other things as well as trade things with the money you earned from various Money Servers.

And third and the final part, I would say is a bonus section where I have tried explaining as well as covering up all the various ways out there with the help of which you can actually earn real cash from the very game itself.

Top 5 Minecraft Economy Servers For 2020

Below, you will find the list of the top 10 Economy Servers from all across the world where you could go on to earn in-game coins as much as you want and are capable of. Since, in the end it all depends on how smart you are and how hard you work in order to earn the money from these servers, that make the visit worthwhile.

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1. EcoCityCraft Economy Server

One of the oldest and most popular economy servers out there which has been in business for the past 10 years is the EcoCityCraft Economy Server. And wherever you go or whom ever you ask, when it is about the best place to earn in-game money online, it is always the EcoCityCraft Server.

How To Make Money On Minecraft Economy Server?

Not only do you get in touch with the best staff out here, but the community you become a part of greatly influences you in ways you could never imagine. It is a place which according to me is actually greater than just a game box where people come to play, but is a place where people can also learn, grow and have fun, all at the same time.

The spine of Economy running this server is truly beautifully and most efficiently designed to be fair as well as applicable to all here. Be it a complete noob or a hardcore professional, everyone has a chance to become rich here.

2. The Seed

If you are looking for something simple and just to start with your journey in the world of Economy servers, then I would suggest “The Seed” to be one of the best servers out there to do so.

Make Money On Minecraft Economy Server?

Not only does it come with the simplest of rules and goals to complete, but the overall build and features, that this Economy servers hold is perfect for people who are just learning their way into Economy servers and like things a bit slow and more steady.

There is absolutely not any kind of hassle out here and users can really get the hang of it easily as they go along with the game inside the server.

3. ManaCube

One other pretty old and running Economy Server out there since the year 2013is the ManaCube Minecraft server. The server basically features modes such as Survival and Creative to name the basics along with Parkour, Skyblock, Olympus Prison, Islands as well as Factions to name the other quite fun features you will see here.

do you want to Make Money On Minecraft Economy Server?

Here, depending upon various tasks you take up inside the game, you will be able to earn as well as spend money along with trading and sharing resources with other players, helping build trust and at the same time earning too a little here and there as you go along leading your life inside the server.

4. PokeVoyage

Now, if you are someone like me who has always been into Pokemon and had a real thing for it, then this is the perfect Minecraft server for you to spend the rest of your Minecraft life in it.

Seriously guys, if you love pokemon and want to feel the same experience felt by Ash, Brock and Misty in their world of Pokemon, then I would say this is your world of Pokemon to experience that same feeling.

Made Money On Minecraft Economy Server

From Gyms to visit to Quests to finish you will get to experience it all here. Also, if you are low on coins and looking for a place to earn some extra bucks in order to buy the necessary items for your quest, then you could also visit Mythical Mines in it to do so. Hence, making each and every decision and step you take an experience filled with Pokemon adventure. 

5. Desteria

If you want to earn money as well as feel the adrenaline rush through your body with adventures coming up every now and then to jump into, then the Desteria server is the perfect server for you to explore.

Moreover, the server is always online which gives even more reasons to right away jump into it as you will never have to face the waiting time which could be seen in most serves today not offering hundred percent uptime to its players.

Money Making With Minecraft Economy Server

The server overall is all about factions, fighting, assasinating and playing like a warrior till your every last breath. Hence, if you love adventure and building real bonds out of real wars, then this is the spot for you to start your journey in earning as well as fighting your way up to success.

Guide On: How To Make Money On Minecraft Economy Servers?

Now, before we start describing on certain ways in which one can easily make money online in Economy Servers. It is important that you first understand that each and every server in Minecraft is unique in itself and each server may differ greatly with the other in terms of methods to make money and so on.

The admins for each server are different individuals and each server comes with a complete different sets of rules and regulations listed out by admins of each servers.

Hence, expecting to earn money in one server the same way as in other may not always be possible. However, there are few most popular ways of earning money in Minecraft that are more or less similar in most Economy servers out there, giving you a head start to earning money without needing to ask here and there. 

Still, it is a very good idea and best that you first have a look at each of these server’s rules and regulations before going in with an intention to earn money right away.

As the better you are familiar with the sets of rules and instructions, the better are your chances of making money easily inside the respective servers. Anyways let us still have a look into some of the more basic and common ways to help you earn money in almost every kind of economy servers out there. 


So, the very first and possibly the most common way you could go on earning money once you enter into a server is through Mining. It is also one of the easiest way to earn money out there.

Although, a bit time consuming but still one of the easiest way out there. Some of the things however that you will need to have with you before you go on doing it includes food, armor, and a little bit of pickaxe. 


Just next to Mining, one of the other easy way to earn money according to me would be Farming. Now, farming is something which you will find in almost all major economy servers. If not than it is your bad luck.

In farming if you have the right tools and dedication, then creating a farm may seem like quite an easy job. Also, the money you earn too is not at all bad. So, if you can find the necessary tools and resource to go on farming, then you would surely feel like a farmer ready to reap the fruits that he or she sows.

Along with all of that the other best thing I like about farming is that depending upon what you farm, your income too differs. Hence, it is really important you decide well on what you are going to sow and reap that will give you the maximum profit before you get into farming the first place.


Quite similar in a way to Farming, even in the profession of Fishing just like Farming, if you have the right tools, then you have just the right chances to earn a good sum of money.

However, unlike Farming you do not need a lot of tools as well as even resources or items too for that matter in order to gain something out of it. All you need is a decent rod to do the job and a place where you could actually go on catching fishes.

And the most obvious place to all of that would be at a fishing table so to speak, which obviously you need to explore and find on your own as well as can build too on your own.


Well, this will only work if you have a good sum of money to start with in the first place. Also, it is important to consider whether the other player you are actually loaning the money too is credible or not when it comes to repaying the money you had loaned him or her.

And if you think there is even a 30% to 40% chance that he or she may not come clean in that matter, then my advise to you would be not to get involved in such transactions. However, if you are confident enough that you can get back your money along with interest than I believe there is no harm in applying this method to earn some extra money.

Selling at the Station

Well a place such as a Station might not be there at many servers. However, it is certain that you may find versions of something that looks and feels similar to Stations in most servers. Stations are nothing more than a space in one’s server which you take on rent to place your shops and do some selling to earn cash.

The concept is pretty much similar to a real world market place where you need to rent a place from the sole proprietor of the land, just so that you can place your shop and sell out things for a living. Thus, if you think you have things which can attract customers, then you are all set to go with this option.

Ways On: How To Earn Real Money From Minecraft?

Now, I know many of you here might not have come to this article with an intention of earning real cash in mind. And I am pretty sure many of you here might have not even known such a thing could be possible.

Still, I thought it would be a good idea to know a few tricks here and there about earning some extra little real cash in a game every now and then. Also, as I always say there is never any harm in learning something. Since, in the end its all up to you whether to follow it or not to follow.

But, before we start with this part of the section. One very important thing I must clear out is that you can only manage to earn real cash out of these methods, only and only if you own and have a Minecraft server of your own.

If not then I believe, non of these ways will prove to be much beneficial for you. Apart from that of you own a server and looking forward to get an earning out of it, then you are all set to go on ahead.

In-game Advertisements

Just like you see websites or videos today get monetized with ads popping up every now and then. Similarly, even in case of Minecraft you can opt to do so, simply put up ads or tasks for players, such as taking up surveys, watching videos as well as installing apps to name a few.

And once a user or player successfully manages to complete a task, the owner gets paid. So, if you think you have a decent traffic to your server and convince or make a system where players need to complete such tasks to achieve something you have to offer, then you can very well expect to have a continuous source of earning out of it. 

Access fees to Mini games

Well, this I would say is pretty much like a fare for a ride in a carnival. An owner can easily charge money to players for access to Mini-games which he or she feels fits right. And if your price is right and not too high or too low, then you can surely make a very decent income out of it without having to incur any kind of losses. 

Sell in-game items

Since, you are the sole owner of your very own Server, in game products like hats, clothes, names, etc can be sold to players wanting to buy them. And here once again, if you can set up the price right as well as the pitch, then selling items for a good some of money should not seem like that difficult of a task.

Member-ship fees

This is one of the very basic and sure shot ways in which you can earn up money. However, this will actually depend upon how popular your server is withing the Minecraft community and how well you have managed to provide services inside your server to the players coming in. The concept more or less revolves and is similar to an amusement park you may be running.

If your services or rides are not good enough, then no one will bother to come and play in your park. But, if your services are good and rides are attractive enough then surely you will get people willing to pay for wanting to spend some good time in your park.

NOTE: It is important to keep in mind and consider that before you go on following any of the above mentioned methods, you first have a little look at the “End-User License Agreement” rolled out by Minecraft Publisher themselves. This way you will be aware of the right and correct way to earn money and not get into any kind of trouble too in the future.

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