How To Make Paper In Minecraft PC? What Are The Uses Of Paper?

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Be it in the real world we live in or the World of Minecraft we play in, Paper has managed to have a great impact on them both. From books to newspapers to packaging, paper has truly played a great role in taking the human race forward.

Truly, one of the greatest invention of its time. And very similarly, even in the case of Minecraft too paper has quite a crucial role to play when it comes to crafting objects and stuffs, giving you enough opportunities to evolve and grow as an individual inside the world of Minecraft everyday.

And, since you are already here in search of the procedure involved in making paper in Minecraft. I believe you already are very well aware of its importance in your Minecraft lives as well as how you can use achieve other great things using it. 

Also, just so you understand everything from A to Z there is in the process of building as well as acquiring paper and how you can use it.

Here, I have tried to cover it all, from Constructing your first crafting table to making your first paper to its many uses.

You should expect to find it all here. However, at this point if you already know the process on “How to make a Crafting Table” or “the uses of Paper”, then you can feel free to straight away head to the part where I explain in detail on “How to make Paper in Minecraft”.

How To Make A Crafting Table in Minecraft?

So, basically this section I would say is basically for beginners who are completely new to Minecraft and are just exploring their way into it.

And since, you are quite new, I will just assume here that you do not have much idea about “the Crafting Table” or what it can do. Thus, to keep it simple and short “Crafting Table” just as the name might suggest refers to nothing more than a single object or table with the help of which you can go on crafting new things in the world of Minecraft to use as well as sell your way to becoming rich and victorious.

And very similarly, even in the case of Paper too, if you want to make Paper, then a Crafting table is one such element in the making, you just cannot do without. 

Now, before you start with the making process, it is very important that you first gather the required items necessary for building yourself a crafting table in the first place. And for building a crafting table you will hence first need to gather any of the following six wood planks: Oak Planks, Jungle Planks, Spruce Planks, Acacia Planks, Birch Planks or Dark Oak Planks.

Here, it is very important that when you collect four pieces of any one type of the wood planks as mentioned above. Suppose you decide to go with Oak Planks.

Then it is required that you collect four planks of the same type of wood, i.e. Oak in this case. And once, you are done collecting the required resources, you are all set to go on with the crafting process. 

  • First, you will need to open up your Crafting Menu. This you can do by using the following commands or clicking on the keys as shown below, which is different for every other version. Hence, it is advised that you have a look into what operation opens up the Crafting Menu for your version. Here, we will go with the Java Edition version and to open the Crafting Table in this version you must press on the “E” key on your keyboard.
  • Assuming that you are obviously quite new to Minecraft, you most probably will having a 2×2 grid Crafting section with you. And if that is the case than you must fill all the four boxes on the Crafting grid section with the Wood Planks you had obtained as shown below.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft PC

  • And, once you have done that you should be able to see your crafting table been processed on the result section of the table as shown in the snap shot above. After this all you need to do is select and move the “Crafting table” to the Inventory Section and its all done.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft?

After we had seen, how to build a Crafting table, I believe we are next all set to learn the process involved in the making of paper in Minecraft.

The making of paper, I would say is one of the most basic and easiest task of all. Along with the Crafting table without which crafting a paper in the first place is not possible, the second most important element or resource required in order to craft paper is Sugar Canes. And how you go on using sugar canes as well as how much to use is all explained in detail below.

So, let us start with the very pre-requisites of what are the things that are necessary for building paper in the first place. 

  • One Crafting Table
  • (3) Three – Sugar Cane 

Now for ‘sugar canes’, you can very easily find them quite easily and readily throughout Minecraft as it is one of the very basic elements inside the game. However, the highest chances of you finding a good amount of sugar cane trees would most probably be around places close to or at the banks of rivers and other water bodies in the map. 

  • After collecting three Sugar Cane trees, the very first thing you will need to do is to open up your crafting table in the 3×3 grid format as shown below.

What Are The Uses Of Paper in minecraft

  • Next, from the Inventory section select on the Sugar Canes and place them in the 3×3 crafting area grid as shown below. Here it is very important to note that while placing the Sugar canes, they must be placed on the same line adjacent to each other, preferably as shown below. 

How To Make A Crafting Table in Minecraft?

  • Once, you are done with that. You should most definitely see three ‘papers’ in the result box, which means that you had successfully managed to place the sugar canes in the correct pattern. 
  • For the last step, all you need to do is simply select and move the ‘Paper’ into your inventory section and Voila! You have your first three pieces of paper with you.

And, since now you are familiar with the process of going on making your own paper. Next up, you can use this paper to build and craft even more fun items as shown in the following section below.

What Are The Uses Of Paper In Minecraft?

Now, I ll keep this section really short, as it is a better idea I guess to find out what to build and how to build on your own rather than knowing everything from a single tutorial before hand.

In doing so it actually saves you up a lot of excitement and mystery while you play the game on your own. Hence, here I have only kept myself to mentioning some of the few things you can build with the help of paper as well as what can these things you craft do for you.

The list of items that can be crafted with the help of paper along with a combination of other items are as follows:

  • Banner Pattern – These are constructed by mainly a combination of paper and elements such as Vines, Creeper Head, Bricks, Enchanted Golden Apple and so on. In case of different Banner Pattern there are many types of it and depending upon the type of item you combine with a paper it may change to which pattern you want.
  • Book – Books are pretty simple to construct as you only need Paper and Leather placed in the correct grid boxes to craft it.
  • Cartography Table – For Cartography table the primary elements you will need is to have 2 nos. – Paper & 4 nos. – Wood Planks. Here you can use any combination of wood planks, so there is no any constrain in choosing only a single type of wood to craft a Cartography Table.
  • Empty Locator Map – Here along with eight pieces of paper, all you need is a single ‘Compass’ and you can easily craft an Empty Locator Map for yourself.
  • Firework Rocket – Now, to build a good working Firework Rocket you will need to have a little experience with what pattern to place the various items in as well as which items to choose. And thus, I have decided to just mention this item and not disclose the details in full, so that you can have fun exploring and discovering the pattern and items on your own.

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