How To Manage Prime Video Purchases, Rentals, and Channels?

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Are you struggling to manage the Prime Video Purchases, Rental, or Channels? If so then in this post, i am going to answer all of the important FAQS related to Prime Video Purchases, Rentals, and Channels.

How do you cancel a Prime Video purchase/rental?

The user has the option to return or cancel the Prime Video order within 48 hours if you haven’t attempted to watch or download it.

So if you want to cancel the Prime Video order, then please don’t play it.

Many peoples think that they can watch the video and then can return it. But it’s not the case, please don’t play the Video if you are willing to cancel the order.

Follow The Following Steps To Return An Accidental Or Unwanted Prime Video purchase

  • Log in to your Amazon Account
  • Visit Your Orders
  • Look for the order which you want to cancel
  • Tap Cancel Your Order
  • Now choose the reason for the cancellation of the order from the drop-down menu
  • Tap Cancel This Purchase

Once this cancellation process is complete, the ordered item will get deleted, and you will get refunded by the same payment method you used to make payment.

Note: If you have paid through Apple, then you must browse to the relevant product page on the website or Prime Video app to see your cancellation options.

You can also use your Alexa Device to cancel your Prime Video Order. Just say, “Cancel my last Prime Video order.”

How do you cancel a Prime Video Channel subscription?

Follow Below Steps To cancel your Prime Video Channel subscriptions online:

  • Visit Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel
  • Choose the cancel channel
  • Confirm the cancellation

Note: You can see the end date on the confirmation screen, and you can reverse your cancellation until that date. So you will not be charged after that end date.

As per the Amazon documentation canceling the subscription does not generate a refund for any previous subscription charges.

Also, if you cancel your Prime Video membership, then you will automatically lose the Prime Video channels subscriptions, too, because you need Prime membership to access Prime Video Channels.

How do you cancel your Prime Video subscription?

  • Go to Prime Central. Or tap my account -> tap prime video
  • Tap membership tab
  • Tap End Subscription and follow the on-screen options

Note: If you have any additional subscriptions tied to your Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership. It will not renew once your Amazon Prime membership ends. This means if you cancel the Prime membership, it will also cancel all of the additional subscriptions tied to your Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership.

How do you block Prime Video purchases/rentals on my account?

Prime Video has the parental controls option, which gives the user the ability to set restrictions for the video content that can be viewed or purchased on your device. Just go to your prime video account setting to access Parental Control options.

How To block purchases/rentals on Fire TV?

  • Go to Fire TV homepage
  • Visit Settings.
  • Go to Preferences
  • Choose Parental Controls.
  • enter your PIN to enable parental controls
  • Now choose the level of viewing restrictions to restrict the playback of videos with certain age ratings.

How to To block purchases/rentals for all other devices Than Fire TV?

On a PC or Mac

  • Open Prime Video
  • Tap the user icon from the top right corner
  • Tap Account & settings
  • Tap the Parental Control tab
  • Enter Pin
  • Tap save
  • Now make the changes to the restriction as per your preference.

On the Prime Video App For iOS & Android

  • Open Prime Video app
  • Tap the My Stuff from the bottom
  • Tap the setting icon
  • Choose Parental Controls
  • Enter the pin
  • Now make the changes to the restriction as per your preference.

How do you dispute if I accidentally purchased the same movie twice?

You can see the option to cancel the purchased video under the ordered video. But if you do not see any option to cancel your accidental purchase of the movie, then try contacting the support team. This is the best way to deal with any accidentally purchased movies.

Why There Is No Option To Cancel The Ordered Video?

If you played the Video or just tap the pay button accidentally or unintentionally. Then the cancel button will be removed from the ordered item.

So if you made any accidental purchase of any video, then please don’t play the Video or even tap the play button. This will complicate the cancellation purchase.

User can see the option to Cancel the ordered Video until he/she taps the play button.

If you tap the play button, then you will not be able to see the cancel option. In that case, please try to contact the support team. This is the last option for you.

Can You Get Refund For Accidental Video Order If You Unintentionally Play The Video?

As per the Prime Documentation, “Prime Video purchases are non-refundable once play has been pressed.” But still, I will advise you to contact the Prime Video Support team.

Amazon Movie Physical Order Vs. Digital Order

There are two kinds of order options for Amazon Movies.

  • Physical Order: Here Amazon will ship you the physical DVD to your desired address.
  • Digital Order: Here, you will get the digital version of the movie, where you can stream.

Note: While ordering the Amazon Movie, make sure that you are ordering Physical Order or Digital Order. You can order them separately, or you can order both.

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