Is it Possible To Make Money With The Web Stories? How To Monetize Web Stories?

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Web Stories are completely a new thing for the content creators and completely a new kind of content type.

Stories are very popular on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and they are very user engaging.

For that reason, Google recently launched a new plugin called “Web Stories For WordPress,” where users can create web stories with the help of media and texts for more user engagement.

These web stories will show on the Google SERP, so this is also an opportunity for the content creators to gain more user attention.

Is it Possible To Make Money With The Web Stories?

Yes, content creators have the option to Monetize their web Stories with Google Ads. So they can earn out of their creativity and hard work.

But these ads will not be like traditional Google Ads. Instead, Web Stories will support full screen or single page story ads within the stories. This way, users can monetize their web stories without ruining the User experience.

See below you can see how your ads will look like,

How To Monetize Your Google Web Story

These web stories will support ads from the Google Ad Manager and Google DV360, which is too in the beta phase.

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Support Affiliates Links

Users also have the option to add affiliates links, or any other kind of promotional link so they can also promote third party products and services to earn commissions.

But a user can add only one link per story.

Here we need to understand one thing; a Web Story is not a single page; instead, it is a combination of multiple pages.

A Web Story can be from 5 pages to 30 pages.

So suppose you are adding 10 pages to your Web Story, but you can add only one affiliate link.

So that is a kind of disappointing in terms of content creators, but it is good in terms of user perspective, and web stories are completely focused on Mobile users to provide them easy, attractive, and informative content with less destruction.

 How To Monetize Web Stories?

Still, there is much information about Web Stories monetization because they just released the beta version for user testing. We can expect the final release later this summer.

With the final release, we can find extract information and clarification for Web Stories monetization.

But for now, we know for sure that content creators will be able to show ads in their web stories, so now we all need to wait for a little.

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