What Are The Proven Ways to Market your Website Online?

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Simply, just setting up a website online has never helped anyone. To build a brand you will definitely need to put in some effort as well as plan out a good strategy to bear the fruit of your efforts.

Marketing or promoting a website is one of the foremost and most crucial things to do in order to reach out to your potential customers.

And just so that you can promote and market your website as well to the world, I have prepared you a list today comprising 10 of the most Proven Ways out there to market your website easily and efficiently for the year 2022

What Are The Proven Ways To Market Your Website Online

Possible Ways to Promote your Website Online

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most fundamental or primary aspects of promoting your website would clearly be with the help of SEO. For any website, Optimizing the website for Search Engines to rank is one of the very crucial things out there.

And only when done right, does your website have it within it to fuel its progress and go up the ranks among the millions of search results you typically have for any searched topic. 

For any website the main goal is to reach the very top of Search Results, be it for Google, Bing or any other such similar Search Engines out there. And the only way to reach it and stay at the top is by working on a good SEO strategy and implementing it. 

Some of the typical SEO processes include Off-Site SEO, Technical SEO, Usability Check, Link Building, Social Marketing and Content Marketing just to name a very few.

And as you will go on reading the following article, you will be seeing a few aspects of the above mentioned processes as well which can be considered a subset of each other, which if used in synergy can give some very good results. 

To learn more in depth about SEO and how to use it, you can visit the developers guide here or hire SEO Agency in Sydney Australia.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing although many might consider it as something that widely falls under SEO, it actually can be considered as a completely separate niche of its own. From strategizing a well laid out Content to researching on keywords, Content Marketing is a very wide field to work on in itself. 

The main reason why Content Marketing is often considered a part of SEO is because with the help of good Content Marketing, one can also improve the SEO of his or her website as well.

If you have good quality content to provide to your end-users, then your SEO will automatically get a lot of boost in order to uprank your website automatically. 

However, the part where ‘automatically’ actually comes is when you have done your SEO as well as marketing well.

That is, in order to make readers or end users actually find your content and get involved, you will first need to take it to them. This is only possible if you promote your content through different channels first, before your end-users start coming to find your content on their own. 

The one content marketing guide which I found quite useful was one created by Moz. Here, they have managed to point out the most crucial aspects of the topic as well as explain well on how to go on doing your content marketing correctly, so that you have a better idea on how to use it well for your own advantage.

3. Email Marketing

Even though it is one of the most conventional and old ways out there. Promoting your website with the help of Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways out there.

When you are promoting your website or content through Email, it is actually quite an intimate way of reaching out to your user base.

And although it might seem quite insignificant, this small outreach can actually bring great results during the long run. And if you are more serious then you can also use online marketing outreach tools for managing your campaigns effectively.

The more trustable your brand and content, the more your users respond to your Emails. Hence, one of the first and foremost things to remember when you send Emails to your end-users is to put extra effort on the quality of your content and how you present your email message in their inbox.

The more effort you put in laying out a convincing message, the better the response will be.

To know more in depth about Email Marketing and how to use it to your advantage you can refer to the following Email Marketing Guide.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in the simplest of terms can just be seen as a more recent alternative to the previous more conventional Email Marketing.

And just as the name itself suggests, in Social Media Marketing you take the help of various Social Media Platforms out there in order to reach out to your potential end-users.

From brand pages to fan pages of your favorite tv shows or celebrities, Social Media Marketing is actually everywhere.

From direct promotion of products and contents to indirectly promoting it through someone else’s page or profile you might be following, all fall under this broad strategy.

To know more about the knicks and knacks about Social Media Marketing and all its advantages, you could refer to the following article.  

5. Guest Blogging

If you are good with content and love preparing it for readers to read, then promoting your website with the help of Guest Blogging should be just perfect for you.

Here, all you need to do is write up a proper and quality article or content for a separate website with more presence and authority.

And then link one or two subtopics back to your website, so that it is more of a win win for both sides. You get a little traffic out of your guest post, and the website or publisher you have written for gets quality driven content for themself. 

Guest Posting or Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start promoting your website, if you are good at creating quality content and are looking forward to building trust among both readers as well as other publishers and websites out there.

6. Quora

One of the finest and most proven ways of promoting your website is with the help of Quora. I am pretty sure a majority of you out here already are familiar with what Quora is and what it does.

However, for those who are still not familiar with it. Quora basically is a place where almost all and any kind of questions you might have gets answered by both experts as well as others who might know a few things here and there about a particular topic being asked about. 

And thus, due to this reason if you somehow are preparing a content or article suiting a particular topic or question being asked over at Quora.

Then you can straight away redirect readers coming to Quora by providing an answer as well as the link to your website itself, where you answer the particular question being asked in detail.

7. Forums and Online Communities

Forums and Online communities are always a big help to promote any kind of niche actually. There is a community for almost all possible niches out there.

Big or small, there is always a community or forum. If not, then create one and very soon an online community is built revolving around the newly created niche or topic.

Forums and Communities most often are very progressive in nature. Users you come across on forums and community pages are most often quite helpful in nature and would not mind viewing or content and even promoting it, when they feel your provided content is quality driven.

This is quite effective as it more or less follows a ‘word of mouth’ approach where a kind of trust is automatically built, given that someone who might be trusted or followed actually likes your content and is making an effort to promote it. 

8. Ad Campaigns

If you are good on the budget end and can spend a few grand on promoting your website without having to waste extra time on the other methods, then Ad Campaigns is right for you.

With this you can expect quicker results and with little less effort then the rest of the ways I have mentioned so far.

Ad Campaigns such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, if used well can give you quite the edge over your competitors to quickly outrank your website as well as build better strategies to run such similar campaigns in the future with the help of data provided by them after each Ad campaign. 

To learn in detail about Ad Campaigns and how they can help you boost up your outreach, you can refer to this amazing article published over at The Ultimate Guide to Ad Campaigns.

9. Youtube

For those of you who are interested in creating visual contents or have a knack for it can greatly use this skill for your advantage.

If you can use Youtube to create and promote your website or product directly with interactive videos, then converting such viewers to potential traffic becomes much more simple and at the same time effective. 

You must have already realized this by now, that today where the attention span of any average internet user is below a second or two, having to read an article which is long would quite obviously be the very last thing they would do.

Hence, instead why not look for a more interactive alternative like posting the same content in a more attractive and persuasive video format over at Youtube for your users to find both interactive as well as useful.  

10. Giveaways 

Who does not like winning a free gift every now and then. From grown up to kids, winning a gift is special for everyone.

Giveaways are one of the most engaging strategies out there to take advantage of when it comes to promoting your website among end-users, especially when it is absolutely new.  

Suppose you have a brand new tech website. Then, carrying out a giveaway where the top 5 users get a free game console would definitely help drive in the initial traffic your website might need to boost up.

And once the goal is achieved depending upon the quality of your content and whether users actually can find what they are looking for will help you make use of that help from giveaways earlier.


Although, all the ways and methods as have been listed above are very important to promote your website. Simply relying on them without taking the effort to improve and maintain the quality of your content will not bring any permanent growth in the long term. 

Only when a website’s content is quality driven and worthy in nature, would it outrank it’s competition and stay on top for as long as there is not someone else even better with even better strategies and content.

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