How to Remove Macintosh HD From Your MacBook Desktop?

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If you are seeing Macintosh HD on your Macbook desktop screen, then in this post I am going to tell you why you are getting this, and how to remove the Macintosh HD From Your MacBook Desktop?.

How To Remove Macintosh HD From MacBook Desktop

What Is Macintosh HD? & Why Are You Getting This On Your Desktop?

Macintosh HD is the startup disk of your MacBook, and it contains operating system files, software-related files, and all of the user data.

You may accidentally set the startup disk to be visible on the desktop, and as a result, you are seeing this on your desktop screen.

How to Remove Macintosh HD From Your MacBook Desktop?

Method 1: Disable Hard Disk Under Finder

  • Open finder.
  • Take the cursor to the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap Finder.
  • Tap Preference from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the General tab is selected 
  • Under “Show These Items of Desktop”, untick the Hard Disk.

Method 2: Remove The External Drive Properly

For the people who already have it unchecked: the problem for me was that I had forcibly removed an external disk. If unchecking the external disk makes it disappear, check it again, plug the external disk back in, and remove it properly by dragging it to the trash.

This information is shared by ;;, a member of the Apple community. I hope this tip may help those who already disable Hard Disk under finder but still getting the issue.

What To Do If You Are Getting Two Macintosh HD On Your Desktop?

  • Open both the Macintosh HD folder one by one to find which one is blank.
  • Once you find the Blank Macintosh HD folder, tap two fingers on that file.
  • Tap ejectMacintosh HD“.
  • Tap Command + Spacebar to bring the spotlight search box.
  • Search for Disk Utility on the spotlight search box.
  • From the left sidebar tap two fingers on the unmounted Macintosh HD volume.
  • From the options, tap Delete APFS Volume.
  • It will remove one Macintosh HD folder from the desktop screen.
  • If you want to remove the other remaining Macintosh HD folder too then simply disable the Disable Hard Disk Under Finder by following the steps given above.

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