How to remove “uuuu.uuu virus” from SD card permanently?

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The very first thing you must know and understand about this uuuu.uuu virus is that it is a ‘ransomware’ malware.

Just as the term itself suggests, whenever such kind of a virus infects your system, then in no time, it gains full access to your system, including all your data and files, and encrypts it with a key which is only given to you after you pay some kind of ransom or so. And hence the name ransomware.

How To Remove "Uuuu.Uuu Virus" From SD Card

Before we move any further on exterminating the virus. It would be a good idea to first have a little understanding of what it is that we are dealing with or about to deal with so that while dealing with removing the malware, we are not affected in any other way or so.

Firstly, this kind of virus will encrypt all your important files and folders. Then it will demand you for a ransom, which, if you cannot pay in time, then would result in the deletion of your important files one by one till the very last one gets deleted from your system.

However, if you pay the amount in the given time, you will be provided with a key which you can use to open up the encrypted files and retrieve the data back. And thus, due to this reason, such ransomware viruses are so dangerous and hard to control.

How To Remove “Uuuu.Uuu Virus” From SD Card

Method 1 – Format your entire SD card

The best option out there to get rid of these types of viruses once and for all is to completely ‘FORMAT’ the infected SD card or device.

But if you have not earlier kept a backup of your data and are not willing to give up on your files and folders inside the affected device or SD card, then you can try following the other methods I have listed below.

Method 2 – Fix with the CMD method

You can follow this method by simply going to your PC’s command prompt and executing a few simple commands on it. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get rid of viruses of such kind.

  • First, plug in the SD card or memory device into your Desktop PC or Laptop.
  • Now open up ‘Command Prompt’ on your PC. To open a command prompt, you can simply go to the “Search box” in the Start menu and type and search ‘CMD’.
  • After you open up the ‘Command Prompt’, simply type in the following code: “ attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.* “. Once typed, simply press enter and let the code run. In the code shown in place of the drive letter, you need to put in the drive letter of the SD card, which is shown on your PC.

Note: This method is only possible on the Windows system. So, unless you have a system with Windows OS, you can execute the above method.

So once done, simply check the SD card for the virus. If it is not there, then know that it has been successfully removed and if not, then you will need to opt for the option of Formatting the entire SD card as explained earlier.

Is my Android device in danger?

Well, that depends. How far have you gone with the malware virus?

If it is in a file or folder inside your SD card and you have still not accessed it.

Then I believe that you have still not yet crossed the line and have a chance to prevent a disaster.

My earliest advice is to remove the SD card at the earliest and follow the steps I have explained below. 

However, if you have crossed the line, then our chances of recovery are pretty narrow.

When we are talking about Android devices and Operating Systems, then the way viruses or any malware works is quite different than what we see in other Computer or Desktop Devices and Operating Systems. 

Here, you have to understand that there are only a few viruses out there in the wild Internet which has been designed to affect all kind of devices or Operating Systems.

All viruses are designed to live or function in only certain kinds of environments. And by environments, again, I mean device hardware or Operating system on which the device works.

Hence, in short, what I mean is that if a virus has been made or designed to affect only PCs. Then there are very little to negligible chances that such viruses can affect your Android OS or device.

However, a virus is a virus, and it is obvious that you would want little to do with it whether it affects you or not.

In the case of the uuuu.uuu virus, this too had been initially designed mainly to target Desktop users.

But, due to its recent popularity and upgrade, it has also managed to pave its way into other OS and devices too. 

So, there is always a risk of compromising your data and device to the virus if it is anywhere near you, be it in your SD card or your android device.

Precaution is always better than cure

The one thing which I truly believe in and follow is that ‘Precaution is always better than cure.

There is just no better remedy than Precaution when it comes to dealing with something which can have a negative impact.

Similarly, in the case of keeping oneself safe from the uuu.uuu virus too, taking precautionary measures seems like an ideal solution. You can also covert your sd card storage to default storage as a precaution against uuuu.uuu virus.

So, what are some of the steps you can follow to keep yourself safe from the malicious ransomware virus?

  • It is highly recommended that you download or copy files and apps from trusted sources only. Be it some PC you are transferring files from, or be it an online app store you are downloading files. Always check the credibility of the source, whether it is safe or not, before transferring files.
  • Always, keep the auto-run feature of your device turned off, be it any device or OS you are working on. It is always a good idea to have the ability to first scan and check the contents of an external file manually before allowing your device to access it automatically and get affected.
  • Never click or visit links which look suspicious. Many times the only small mistake you need to do is simply click on an unknown link, and the malware gets automatically downloaded into your device. So, my advice would be to stick to websites that look genuine and safe.

Hence, the above were some precautionary measures you can follow to keep you and your devices safe from such malware attacks in the near future.

But if you have been already affected by such uuu.uuu Ransomware virus, then you should be able to take care of it by following the methods I have shown below.

How are memory cards affected by a virus?

Below, I have listed some of the ways in which a memory card can be infected by a virus.

You can keep these points in mind to stay away from such a virus and know what to do and what not to do while working with on your own device or getting files from other devices or so.

One must always increase ram in order to avoid such a virus.

  • The very first way, how a virus may infect an SD card, or any other external memory hardware is when it is connected to a system that has already been infected by the virus. Thus, you need to be careful whether the system where you are about to insert your memory card is clean of viruses or not.
  • Going into or browsing unsecured websites or forums. Whenever there is a website or forum which deals with shady things which may be illegal, there is always a high possibility that such sites are filled with such kind of viruses everywhere in it. Any pop-ups or links you click knowingly or unknowingly may just open their way into making it to your device.

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