What Is amazon Prime Video Watch History & How To See And Delete Prime Video Watch History

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Watch History is the data of your watched movies on the Prime video, collected by Amazon so they can analyze the data and provide you with better recommendations.

If you don’t want Amazon to keep records of your Watch History, then you can simply delete the data from your Prime Video account settings.

In case you don’t know how to delete Prime Video Watch history from Prime Video, then in this post, I am going to help you with this.

How To See & Delete Prime Video watch History On Mobile App | Android/IOS

  • Open Prime Video app
  • Tap my stuff from the bottom menu
  • Tap the settings icon from the top right corner
  • Tap Clear Registered Search History
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How To See & Delete Prime Video watch History On Desktop Browser

  • Open Prime Video in your browser
  • Tap on the profile icon from the top right corner
  • Tap Account Settings
  • Tap the Watch History tab
  • Tap “Delete movie from Watch History.”

Note: You can not delete the entire watch history with one click like the mobile app. You have to delete watch history for each movie one by one.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Can Someone See My Watch History In An Amazon Prime Video?

Only the person to whom you shared your prime video can see your watch history. Amazon uses your watch history data to provide you with better recommendations.

There is another scenario that if someone hacks your account, then that person can see your watch history. But what can a third person do with your watch history? So you should not worry about that.

How To Keep Track Of Amazon Prime Free Videos You’ve Watched

If you are accessing Prime Video from the USA, then you can do this by following these steps. Go to your account -> Personalisation -> Improve Your Recommendations -> Instant videos you’ve watched.

You can filter the option in the basic of Items you’ve purchased, Items you’ve marked “I own it,” Items you’ve rated, etc.

How To Hide What You Have Watched On Amazon Prime

You can not hide the Prime Video watch history; if anyone has access to your account, then they can see your watch history.

But you have to option to delete your watch history. Visit your account settings, go to the watch history tab, and delete the Watch History. 

How To Check My Amazon Prime Rental History?

You can see the Amazon Prime rental history from the Watch History tab under account settings.

How To Clear Continue Watching On Amazon Prime.

Login to your account -> go to Watch Next list -> tap the edit button on the upper-right side -> delete the show or movie from the list -> hit the Done button.

How To Find The Number Of Views Of A Movie In Amazon Prime Video?

No, you can not see the number of views for a movie in the Prime Video, but you can check the IMDB rating to judge the movie.

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