How to set up restrictions on Amazon Prime Video? All you need to know

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The content listed on the Prime Video is user-friendly and can be filtered as per the needs of the user.

You can set restrictions on Amazon Prime video if you are sharing it with an impressionable individual.

In this article, you will find everything there is to know about how to set up restrictions on Amazon prime Video.

How To Set Up Restrictions On Amazon Prime Video

Why set up restrictions on Amazon Prime Video?

There is content on Amazon Prime Video that is not suitable for a very young audience.

Every film and TV show has a certificate in which it is specified whether the video is U – suitable for all, U/A – suitable for a young audience but under adult supervision, A – suitable only for Adults, and R – Restricted for a young audience. 

Therefore, it becomes very important for parents and other users to set restrictions and control over their Amazon Prime Video account when sharing with a child or a teen.

Restricting playback can allow you to monitor which content is exposed to your children. Also, the restriction can be set to control purchases.

Things like credit cards and other financial items should be kept out of reach of young individuals because of their naivety.

The feature of setting restrictions is therefore a very important addition to the Amazon Prime Video account.

Setting restrictions on Prime Video From the devices

Many devices like the Fire TV devices, Fire tablets, Fire phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and more have their parental control features that restrict certain features when being used by a child or a teen.

Users can easily turn on these settings by accessing the settings of their particular devices.

The settings are customizable and can be set according to your needs and the type of restriction you want to apply.

Procedure to Set up restrictions on Prime Video

This section will focus on setting up restrictions directly on your Amazon Prime Video account.

This procedure can be applied to any device you use to watch Amazon Prime Video.

The steps are given below:

  • Open Amazon Prime Video on your device.
  • Go to, Account and Settings.
  • On your iOS or Android device, select the option labeled as “My stuff” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now click on the “Settings” icon present on your screen. 
  • Once you are into “Settings”, go to, “Parental control > Viewing restrictions”.
  • Now just select the age according to which you want to set restrictions.
  • Select all the devices across which you want to apply these settings.
  • In the end, just click on Save.


Thank you for reading the full article. We hope you have now understood why it is important to set up restrictions on your Amazon Prime Video account.

Also, the Amazon Prime Video account is connected to the e-commerce side of the service. That makes it extremely important to set up restrictions on Amazon Prime Video accounts.

You can easily set up the restrictions and parental controls on your account by following the steps given above.

You now know everything there is to know about setting up restrictions on Amazon Prime Video.

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