How To Troubleshoot “Recurring Download Error On Prime Video”?

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If you are getting recurring download errors on the Prime Video, this article will guide you through solving recurring download errors on Amazon Prime Video.

The article also has steps on how to download a video from Amazon Prime Video in the right procedure. 

How To Troubleshoot "Recurring Download Error On Prime Video"?

Solutions for Recurring Download Error On Amazon Prime Video

To fix the reoccurring download error on the Prime Video please try the below given troubleshoot methods.

  • Download Period
  • Interrupted Download
  • Update App
  • Problem with device
  • Contact Customer Support

1. Download Period

There is a viewing period associated with the downloaded videos.

The videos only stay in your library only for 30 days before disappearing.

Also, you only have 48 hours once you have started watching a video. Make sure these viewing periods are not expired.

2. Interrupted Download

Sometimes, due to bad internet, videos may get interrupted while being downloaded, and the recurring download error might occur on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Update App

Make sure that you are running the latest version of the software.

Amazon Prime Video regularly updates its app. Earlier versions may have some bugs that may be causing these problems.

4. Problem with device

Make sure that the recurring download error is across all the devices because if it is on only one device, there may be a problem with your device.

5. Contact Customer Support

If any of the solutions above do not work and the problem persists, just contact Amazon customer support, they are available 24/7.

How to Download video on Amazon Prime Video?

It is very easy to download videos on your Amazon Prime Video App.

No matter what device you are using, these simple steps will guide you through a safe and secure download.

  • Install Amazon Prime Video App and log in
  • Select the Video
  • Choose Download Location
  • Choose Quality
  • Check your Download
  • Disconnect Internet Connection and Play Video

Install Amazon Prime Video App and log in

Firstly you will need an Amazon Prime Video account subscription.

You can buy it directly by navigating through the official website. Now after registering for the subscription service.

Go to the verified App provider for your operating device like the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. 

Simply search for the “Amazon Prime Video” app and install the app.

The app itself is free of cost. After the installation is complete, log in with your details to access the app.

Select the Video

Amazon Prime Video has one of the widest catalogs of any online streaming service.

The service claims to have over 20,000+ titles listed on its website.

Just search for the video in the search bar present in the top menu bar. After the search is done, carefully select the video from the list.

Choose Download Location

This option will only appear if you are using a device that has external storage attached to it like an SD card.

After clicking on the download button, a pop-up window should appear in which you will have to select the destination of the ongoing download.

The list of options will appear according to the storage associated with your device.

Choose Quality

Amazon Prime Video offers 4 different qualities for any video namely, “Data Saver, Good, Better, and Best”.

You can choose any of these video qualities according to the speed and your preference.

Better quality videos are sufficient for smaller screens, although for big screens only the Best quality videos should be preferred.

Check your Download

Amazon Prime Video uses your internet connection to the fullest.

Once your download has finished, check if it has appeared in the downloads sections of your Amazon Prime Video account.

Disconnect Internet Connection and Play Video

To check whether the video is successfully downloaded, please try to disconnect the device from the internet and try to play the video on Amazon Prime Video.

If you can play the video, it means that your download was successful. 


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This article consists of everything there is about solutions to recurring download errors on Amazon Prime Video.

Download the video by the procedure specified above, and if any problem persists, follow the steps given to solve the recurring download errors on Amazon Prime Video.

Thank you for reading this article.

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