Is there Audible Caption feature available? how to turn On captions On Audible?

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No, there is no caption feature available for the Audible, but there is a similar feature called Immersion Reading which lets you read a Kindle eBook and listen to its Audible companion all at the same time.

While buying a kindle ebook, you can buy the audio champion of the book (Audible version) to listen to the ebook with Immersion Reading.

Immersion Reading is not completely like Caption experience, but because there is no caption feature available on Audible so you can use it as an alternate option.

What Devices Support Immersion Reading?

  • Kindle App for iOS
  • Kindle App for Android
  • Fire Tablets 2nd Gen and above

Is It True That Audible Had Caption Features In The Past?

Yes, it’s true that Audible developed the caption feature in the past, and they were about to launch. It was like the captioning feature on youtube for music & videos, but after the publishers filed a case in court, Audible had to close the caption feature.

Below I am sharing a screenshot of an Audible newsroom article where they talked about the two important features, Immersion Reading and captioning.

Audible Caption

In the same newsroom article, they also updated about their struggle for launching the caption feature for Audible.

Audible Update About Caption Feature


Why Audible Ended Its Caption Feature?

Publishers were not happy with Audible for introducing a caption option. They think of it as giving away a free ebook with the Audiobook. And they also think that because of it, many peoples will not like to buy the ebook version of the book.

So in response, the Big 5 and many others, such as Scholastic, filed a lawsuit against Audible for introducing the caption feature.

Because of all of this, Audible decided not to continued the caption feature on their platform.

Audible Caption vs. Immersion Reading

In contrast, there is no comparison between Audible Caption and Immersion Reading because both give two different kinds of experience.

As well as to enjoy Immersion Reading, you have to buy the Kindle ebook with its audio compassion for extra charges.

On the other hand, when Audible introduced the caption feature, there was no need for any kind of extra purchase. Users can simply enable the caption for any of their Audiobook.

But sadly, the Audible caption is no more active, and Immersion Reading is the only similar option on the Audible platform.

So, in the end, what do Audible users have?

They all have this Immersion Reading, so if you want a caption-like experience with Audible, then you have to use this feature called Immersion Reading.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Audible Captions (Subtitles) Available?

No, there is no such thing like caption available for the Audible. Yes in the past they tried to launch the captioning feature but they failed to do that because many publishers were not happy with it.

2. Does Audible Have Text?

By text if you mean caption, then no, there is no caption or subtitles feature for the Audible.

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