How to use credit card generator legally for free trial offers?

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How To Use Credit Card Generator Legally For Free Trial Offers?

The use of credit cards has become a necessity and a need of the hour to be honest. From availing services online to buying products, credit cards have always been the go-to form of payment.

This dependency has only been increasing all these years. Although the digital payment system has come out to the market as a form of alternative, credit cards can be considered as the backbone for such services as well. And this, the credit card revolution, still I believe has a long way to go. 

Now, obviously it is not possible for everyone to own and avail a credit card. Right? Does that mean that such people who cannot get their hands on a credit card service have no other way to enjoy all those lucrative services provided by online retailers and businesses.

Trust me your disappointment is soon going to turn into quite a joy while you go on giving this article a read.

Here, we will discuss everything there is to know about credit card generators as well as how you can use these kinds of services to avail yourself all services which a normal credit cardholder can.

And that too, without having to take the headache of actually owning a credit card. But, all these good things which seem to be too good to be true obviously have a catch, about which too we will discuss so that you don’t fall in trouble and always be careful with this immense power at your hand. 

What are credit card generators, and how does it work?

First things first, the credit card generator or more commonly known as a cc generatormay be seen as any digital or online third party service provider which allows you to generate your own virtual credit card or so to speak credit card information.

Once you do generate your own virtual credit card with the help of these cc generators, you can use this information to avail of other services off the internet like subscription of free tails of services, play free games as well as testing out payment gateways just to name a few.

The virtual credit cards which you generate from online cc generators basically work on the Luhn algorithm, the details of which I am obviously not getting into as that is a completely different and technical topic altogether.

In short, however, just so you have a simple idea, the Luhn algorithm works on the principle of a mod 10 principle that allows validation of a variety of identification using a simple checksum formula.

Thus, in the same way, when a cc generator generates a virtual credit card or credit card information for you, they produce it using the following principles so that it can get validated during the validation process on the various transaction platforms. 

In this way, even if you do not have a credit card or simply don’t want to punch in your actual details into a subscription plan without checking a service or site’s credibility, then a virtual credit card created over such cc generators is your thing.

Can you legally use credit card generators, and is it safe?

Just like any other open-source tool, for cc generators too the concept is pretty much the same. If you are using the app simply to check something out like free game trial subscriptions or service trial subscriptions, then such virtual credit cards can come quite handy.

Since using such credit cards keeps your actual account safe from any kind of automatic deduction of money once free trials for services are over for most online games as well as services out there. 

Moreover, developers as well as pentesters too most often take the help of such virtual credit cards to test their own website’s payment process and other such similar experiments.

So, if you are just using cc generator credit cards just to avail of some free services or test your very own site’s payment portals, then there is absolutely no harm in using them.

However, if you are looking forward to using them to purchase something over the internet or so on, then it’s quite illegal and absolutely not a very good idea.

Top 5 cc generator websites which offer free virtual credit cards

Well, now that we have gone over what a cc generator can do for you as well as what are the few things you can legally do and what you can’t.

Let us finally have a look at some of the sites which offer such services alongside how to use these credit card generators legally for free trial offers. 

So, without any further delay, let us straight away dive into the top 5 credit card generators out there, which you should definitely try out.

1. PrepostSEO

The credit card generator tool from PrepostSEO, I would say it is one of the best out there. Besides just generating a random virtual credit card like any other typical cc generator website, it has quite a few other thrilling services and features to offer. 

The tool overall is quite simple and easy to use. So even if you are not very technically sound or just want an easy solution, then this tool is everything you can hope for. But, just because it looks simple and feels easy to use does not mean that it has anything less to offer.


In Fact, it’s quite the contrary to that; the PrepostSEO cc generator tool lets you generate a bulk number of virtual credit cards at once instead of having to generate one at a time. Something which is very crucial when you never know whether that one generated credit card number is still valid or not.

However, when you have a bulk of them, there is always a high chance that at least one or two out of the many would definitely work. This ability to generate multiple dummy credit cards at once saves a lot of time.

Moreover, the tool has a Basic feature section as well as an Advance section. And depending upon your needs and requirements, you can work with either one of the two or even both. There is absolutely no restriction whatsoever to how you use the app to generate your desired credit card information.

If you are working with the Basic feature to create your credit card, then for card brands you have the option to choose from the most popular brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover.

You can choose your own card expiry date and year, as well as CVV number, along with the quantity of cards you want to generate. 

The Advance section, on the other hand gives you even a wider variety of options to choose from, perfect for someone who wants to create their very own customized card.

There are various card brands like Maestro, Rupay, Troy, Visa just to name a few out of the many. You also have the option to choose your Country as well depending on which card brand you had chosen earlier as well as the bank.

The CVV number, the Expiry date as well as the quantity of credit cards to generate follow pretty much the same set of rules as the one under the Basic section.

2. Vccgenerator

Vccgenerator is also a great CC Generator which help you to generate credit card numbers with all the required details such as Name, Address, Expiry, Money, PIN, and CVV code.

You can select from all kind of credit card brands from across the words. Not just CC number, it also let you generate valid Bin.

How To Use Vccgenerator To Generate CC Number?

  • Choose the brand
  • Then select the country
  • Then select the bank
  • Other details are options, so if you want you can fill them or leave it
  • Once all the details are filled, tap “Generate
  • Then tap “View Results
  • You are done, you can see the CC number on the right side


One other cc generator site, quite similar in working to the Prepost one we just had seen earlier is the one offered by the

Almost all the features which you had earlier seen for the Prepost generator can be found here too. The site too has a Basic section as well as an Advance section giving you the same options as that of the earlier one.

The only difference however is that out here, the number of cards you can generate at once is limited to just one card. If you need more card numbers, then you simply will need to generate some more number of times.

The one good thing which I personally loved about this site is that the website has no ads on it. Something, which many such websites have it all over their website if they could. This not only makes the site quite professional but also pleasing to use.  

3. GetCreditCardNumbers

Just as the name itself suggests, this simple and pretty basic looking website is all about generating credit card numbers.

You have fewer options in case of the brand of credit cards or which network to issue from out here. Also, unlike the previous websites, you also don’t have the option to choose from the CVV number or what country or expiry date to choose from.


So, all you will need to do over here is just select the brand type, the Data format in which you would like to download the data, and the number of entries you would like to generate.

Quite the simple type, ideal for those who are just trying to figure out how credit card validation works and be used to avail simple things like trials of games and so on for kids.


Coming with options of only the five most popular credit card brands like Visa, Visa 13 Digit, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

The lets you generate a card number in the simplest way. All you need to do here is, select the brand of credit card, press on the generate number, and Voila! Your fake card number flashes on your screen, which you have the freedom to use with any name or CVV number while trying to validate.

And although they don’t offer many options to choose from, the website in itself is similar to the, comes with a pretty clean interface, and has absolutely no annoying ads popping up here and there.

In fact, it has no ads at all, something which I personally greatly admire when I visit websites anywhere, especially when it is a service providing one as you have to work on them for quite a while.


Another very simple and basic to use cc generator website out there is the website. There are not many options to choose from over here.

However, similar to the PrepostSEOccgenerator website we had seen at the very beginning, the following website too lets you generate dummy card numbers in bulk.

You have the option to choose from the four most popular brands like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover which should be sufficient to try out for validation in most websites out there offering free trials.

The CVV number as well as the name on the card and expiry date all are generated automatically, so there are no options to choose from there.

Thus, if you don’t have a specific requirement and just need random card numbers at bulk, then this site is perfect for you.

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