How To Use iTunes Dark Mode On Mac And Windows PC?

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When it comes to themes in smartphone gadgets everyone loves the black and dark background. Dark themes are good for uses such as it is beneficial in the dark places or at nights, it won’t stress the eyes.

Talking about the dark iTunes skin users found it appealing and user-friendly. However, iTunes default skin mode of white and you can use the dark mode in it.

How To Use iTunes Dark Mode On Mac And Windows PC

Here in this article, we will describe how to use or set the dark mode on Windows and Mac effortlessly with DIY steps.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On iTunes?

However, iTunes dark mode can be effectively used on both Mac and Windows devices. If you are uninformed about securely using them, this segment of the blog will let you be aware of it.

For installing a Windows iTunes skin, click on the .exe file twice and for Mac, do likewise with the .dmg file. Specific iTunes skins expect you to replace the first iTunes.rsrc with the one you have downloaded.

The highlight recollects here is the backup of the first iTunes file before introducing the new one. While updating your iTunes, you have to return to the first iTunes.rsrc file.

How To Set Dark Mode For iTunes On Mac?

  • At first, click on the Apple icon placed at the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Now choose the ‘System Preferences ‘option and then move to ‘General.’
  • Next click on the ‘Appearance,’ now you will be able to pick the Dark Mode preview.
  • You can see how your device will seem after applying the dark mode

However, there are a few people who need to use iTunes Dark Mode during the evening time. For that, you will need a different option to apply the dark mode that is called the Dynamic Desktop, and beneath is how you can apply it.

Click on the option ‘System Preferences ‘, Then, pick the option called ‘Desktop & Screen Saver.’

Now select the option that seems like a curvy icon, and that is ‘Dynamic Desktop.’

How To Set Dark Mode For iTunes On Windows 10 & 8?

Follow the underneath steps to set the dark mode of iTunes on Windows 10 carefully.

From the windows 10 search bar, type “Settings” and begin to search it. From the Windows Settings section, click “personalization”, you can modify the background and colors. Pick “color” from the left sidebar.

  • Go to System Setting
  • Choose Personalization
  • Choose Color
  • Choose Dark Mode 


When you’ve set your favored color theme, you can pick a complement shading that will show up on symbols, tiles, and other screen components in Windows. Windows uses an accent dependent on your background picture naturally, however you can change this by clicking a color you like in the Windows colors palette. You can likewise pick the Custom color choice to make your variation.

Now pick the “Dark” as your default app mode and dark mode will be applied on your Windows.

What Is iTunes Dark Mode?

When you initiate the Dark Mode of macOS Mojave, numerous splendid features of the interface become dark. For example, features like the system board, dock, menu bar, and even the trash will get darker.

Notwithstanding that, this feature will influence some applications introduced in your Mac. When you change to Dark Mode, applications like iTunes, App Store, news, and different applications will get darker.

The Dark Mode of the macOS system is essentially acquainted with lessening the eye strain of the users. This is extremely helpful, particularly during the evening. If you change to the Dark Mode, you will encounter less light than the standard screen.

Therefore, you can experience less strain while looking at the screen and it won’t hurt your eyes. When the Dark Mode is applied on iTunes, that would be extremely helpful, particularly for DJs and music makers.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Does iTunes Has Dark Mode?

Yes iTunes has Dark Mode, it supports System Wide Theme Option. So simply visit your device setting to enable System Wide Dark Mode.

How To Disable Dark Mode In iTunes?

To disable the Dark Mode In iTunes, you have to disable your System Wide Dark Theme option. You can not particularly disable the Dark Theme for iTunes. For MAC go to System Preference -> General  -> Appearance -> Light Theme. For Windows go to setting -> Personalisation -> Colors  -> Light Theme.

What If iTunes Is Not Showing Option For Dark Mode?

If you are unable to implement the Dark Theme for iTunes, then go and check, if you are using the latest version of iTunes or not. If not please consider updating the iTunes to get the option for Dark Mode.

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