Steps By Step Guide To Connect Mobile To PC With Mi Drop

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The evolution of technology going at its best. Every portion of life has been affected with the latest tech gadgets or machines. When we talk about gadgets, the Smartphone is the first name that hits our mind.

It eases life and makes it more convenient than ever before. Well, smartphones make sharing a cakewalk process, as there are several applications available which help to share data and files into one device to another in no time. Mi Drop is one of them. 

Most people would be aware of this application as it is developed by Xiaomi. It is one of the most used software to transfer data from smartphone to PC or PC to PC transfer. There is various software available such as share it, Xender but the Mi Drop stands best among the rest due to its fastest data sharing feature. 

100 million downloads of this application on Google Play Store says everything about its popularity. As Xiaomi is a trusted brand its products easily get attention due to brand reputation. And this post is about how to use Mi Drop On Windows PC?

How To Use Mi Drop On Win­dows PC?

Using Mi Drop is not rocket science, it’s a cakewalk process.  Let dive into the process of and know-how Mi Drop works on Windows PC. 

Step 1: First, download and install Mi Drop from the Google Play Store if it isn’t pre-installed on your device. Most Xiaomi phones have MIUI 9 version which is set as default.

Step 2: Connect your phone and your PC on the same Wi-Fi network. Mi Drop transfers the data using the Wi-Fi Directly. There is only one condition that requires both the device to be connected to the same network. 

Step 3: Open the Mi Drop app on your smartphone. Tap on the Connect to Computer from the screen and select Start. You can use the password features to secure the data from being misused while sharing.

Step 4: Now select the options as per your convenience.

Step 5: Make a note of the FTP address you see on the display. Now you need to start the data transfer between your smartphone and PC.

Step 6: Open a Windows Explorer tab on your computer by hitting the ‘Windows’ plus ‘E’ key on your keyboard. Instead, you can open any existing folder on your PC/Laptop.

Step 7: Enter the FTP address in the Explorer address bar of Windows. Now you will see the contents of your phone on your screen.

Step 8: Pick the content you want to back up on your PC. Now you can easily transfer it between your phone and PC.

Step 9: After finishing the data transfer process press the stop button on the mobile application 

Mi Drop Basic Information

Mi Drop application was first launched in MIUI 7 by Xiaomi. After that, Xiaomi made it available for every Android user by placing it into Google Play Store. Since then, it has gone through many updates and now has become the fastest file-sharing application.

You can use it in every piece of Android smartphone whether it’s from Redmi, Samsung or any other brand.

As we have discussed above, Mi Drop allows users to transfer the data between Android to Android at 200x higher speed. It has a simple interface that makes file transfer tremendously easy.

It allows you to resume the interrupted transfers. The single requirement for Mi Drop is that both the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Mi Drop is an effective application to transfer data from one device to another. However, there are other reliable alternatives available but the security and trust Mi Drop provides, no one can match that level. You can instantly share the movies, videos, applications, and other files as it supports almost every format of files.

The best thing about this application is it’s not restricted only to the Xiaomi users, and available for everyone. 

Features Of Mi Drop App

Mi Drop is an ideal file-sharing application due to its handy features, have a look at some features of Mi Drop.

  • Mi Drop is an Ad-free application where you can easily share a file without viewing any promotional ads which slow down the speed and performance of the device. 
  • This application is made in different languages, so every user from every corner of the world can easily use it without any language barrier. 
  • Let you send the large file without any disturbance, in case data transfer stops or connection between devices get detached, you can resume the sharing. 
  • This application is quite user-friendly and easy to use in both variants’ Android and PC. 
  • It gives the 200x faster speed than Bluetooth which is quickest by any app. 
  • It works offline hence, no need for the internet to send or receive the files.
  • Allow you to transfer the files in all formats, including document files, pictures, movies, music, and so much more to any devices.