How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos On Chromebook?

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If you are a Chromebook users and want to use Prime Video on your device then in this post i am going to tell you how you can enjoy the Prime Video on Chromebook.

. You can simply visit the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, download prime video and use the it.

. Or you can visit the from your browser and enjoy the Prime Video

How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos On Chromebook

Below we are going to explain the process in detail to use Prime Video on Chromebook.

The article contains information about Chromebook, how to download Amazon Prime Video on Chromebook, and other ways to watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromebook. 

How To Use Prime Video On Chromebook?

Downloading Amazon Prime Video on a Chromebook

There are two ways by which you can access Amazon Prime Video on a Chromebook. The first method is by downloading the Amazon Prime Video Application on your Chromebook. The steps to download Amazon Prime Video on Chromebook are given below:

  • In your Chromebook, Search for the Google Playstore Application, which is the official app provider on Chromebooks.
  • Once you have opened the Google Playstore, you will find the search bar in the top menu of the Google Playstore.
  • Type in “Amazon Prime Video” in the search bar and hit on search.
  • Now, select the Official app by identifying the Amazon Prime app Icon; make sure of it by reading the reviews to ensure it is not a fake app.
  • Once you have located the app, click on download and install the application.
  • When the application is successfully installed on your Chromebook, just open the app and log in to your subscription account.
  • This is it! You can now enjoy watching content on Amazon Prime Video.

Watching Amazon Prime Video on Chromebook on Browser

The second method by which the user can access Amazon Prime Video on a Chromebook is by accessing it on a browser. The steps for accessing Amazon Prime Video on a browser are:

  • Open the browser which you prefer. Just use Google Chrome to be on the safer side.
  • Type in the Official website on Amazon Prime Video in the navigation bar.
  • When you arrive at the website of Amazon Prime Video, log in to your account if it is not already saved on your browser.
  • Once you have signed in, you can access all the content listed on the Amazon Prime Video server on your Chromebooks.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that run on a Linux-based Chrome Operating System. Chromebooks are specially designed for professional work.

The laptop is a very good choice for all the students out there. Not only the laptop is lightweight and carries all the useful software, but the Chromebooks are very reasonably priced too.

By 2018 Chromebook accounted for 60% of computers purchased by schools in the United States.

The Chromebook has tie-ups with major laptop manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Samsung. You can easily order a Chromebook from a retailer near you, the product availability is excellent.

What Is Prime Video?

As society is progressing, so are its ways of entertainment. It is very hard to imagine that the society which was so dependent upon Television for so many years has moved forward to a newer form of entertainment.

Yes, we are talking about the streaming services that are available online. There is hardly anyone who is not hooked on these streaming websites.

The concept of Binge-watching is taken onto a whole new level by the introduction of these streaming websites. The good thing is that there is not just one but many such streaming websites.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ are just a few of the many websites in this industry.

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent streaming website. The design of the website and its ease of access is one of a kind, and the users are enjoying them to the fullest. Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services out there.

Not only is it reasonably priced, but it also has one of the biggest directories among the streaming websites. There are thousands and thousands of testimonials available online that you can read about how great the Amazon Prime Video service is by its users.

There are over 175 Million users of Amazon Prime Video today. If you do not trust the words of 175 Million users, you can check it out for yourself for a free 30-day trial on their official website.


Chromebook is an excellent device by Google. Many users are shifting to Chromebooks for their professional needs. Not only is the Chromebook an excellent professional laptop, but it is very good for entertainment purposes.

We hope now you have all the information there is to know about Amazon Prime Video on a Chromebook.

Simply follow the procedure given above, and you would not face any problem in viewing Amazon Prime Video on your Chromebook. Please share our website so others users like you can benefit from our solutions. Thank you for reading the whole article.

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