How To Find The Serial Number On Mi TV In Simple Four Steps?

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To find your MI TV serial number, Open your Mi TV Settings -> choose ‘About TV’ -> Go to ‘Model’ -> Press the ‘Menu’ button on the Mi Remote for 9 times. Doing this will visible the device Serial Number.

Mi is one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world and offers a range of products to fulfill the need of customers. It is a most loved brand in the market and every product has been outranked the competitors due to incredible and easy to use features, one such product is the Mi TV

You can search or browse the content over all the apps and it also comes with One remote feature. Moreover, it joins the Smart TV and STB that makes it an effortless experience for users.

Apart from incredible features, Mi TV comes with a different set of serial numbers. If you are unable to find the serial number of Mi TV, read the full blog.

Here we will describe to you how to find the serial number of Mi TV most simply.

What Is Serial Number?

The serial number of a device is a unique code that the manufacturer gives the product. 

A serial number is typically a blend of letters and numbers. There’s no set length—the manufacturer establishes that. The serial number will normally be indicated by an “S/N:” on the device, Similarly, on the Mi TV, the way to your serial number may have various courses, however, this guide should give you a general thought of where to look.

How To Find The Serial No On Mi TV?

If you just bought the new Mi TV, then you can see it on the packaging box. It will be a white big sticker where you can see all the information and details about your TV.

How To Find The Serial Number On Mi TV

But if your device is already setup and you do not have the box anymore. Then please follow the below-given steps.

  • Open your TV ‘Settings.
  • Open ‘About TV’.
  • Go to ‘Model’ and Press the ‘Menu’ button on the Mi Remote for 9 times.
  • Device Serial Number will be visible.

That’s all four steps that will help you to find the serial number of your Mi TV effortlessly. 

Also if you just purchased the device then with the help of this you can match the serial no given on Box and your TV. So you can be sure about the genuinity of the product.

What Is The Use Of Serial Number?

The serial number of Mi Tv used by the maker to track product stock—essentially for things like fixes and guarantee claims.

Since it’s normally imprinted outside of the container, you can induce it’s not significant that it remains private.

But, there are sure circumstances where sharing a serial number can cause you trouble. 

For instance, in case somebody has your serial number they can use it to document a fake guarantee repair on a gadget, you may abruptly end up with a phone that is out of warranty. 

The manufacturer suggested that not to share your gadget’s serial number, it is a unique number of your device and there’s no reason to share it.

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