How To Fix HSBC Error Code API_103?

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HSBC Error Code API_103

Are you having the error code api_103 with the HSBC banking app? If yes then in this post we are going to provide all of the updates on this error.

How To Fix HSBC Error Code API_103?

HSBC error code api_103 occurs because of service outrage with HSBC.

So if you are getting this error with the HSBC banking app or with other HSBC services then this means that the HSBC service is having some issues and you have to wait some time till everything gets normal with the HSBC service.

To check HSBC service status you can visit Down Detector. You just need to visit Down Detector and check if Down Detector is showing any reported outrage with HSBC. If yes then it means this is the culprit behind the error and you have to wait sometime and try again.

You can also visit here This is the official page of HSBC where they mention ongoing outrage with their services.

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