How To Fix Hulu “Audio Delay Issue”? [Hulu sound is out of sync]

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Hulu sound is out of sync

What can ruin a perfectly planned movie night? Well, there are a lot of things that can make it to this list but the one we are concerned about in this article is out-of-sync audio.

Ever experienced skin-crawling irritation when you are watching a movie and the scene finishes but the dialogue does not?

You are watching the male lead talk but what you hear is the female lead’s response? Well, if you have experienced it, we are sure that you hate it.

Many users at Hulu have faced this issue and this is a raging topic for Google searches these days.  How to Fix Hulu audio delay issue? (Hulu sound is out of sync).

In this article, we will discuss exactly this. Why does this happen and what can be done to solve this problem.

No worries. We will have your Hulu back on track so that you can watch the all-new Kardashian shenanigans in peace. (Wink)

Why is the audio delayed on Hulu?

Let us explore the problems that are the major culprit behind the audio delay issue on Hulu. Many users online have shared their own experiences in this regard and hence, now we have a list of reasons to explore before we talk about the fixes.

Reason 1: Weak Internet Connection

Yes, the old culprit behind many technology issues is back here as a reason. A poor internet connection can show in many different forms. The audio delay is also one of those ways.

It could be due to your internet service provider, router, or due to physical issue. 

The bottom line is you need to have a good internet connection before you can blame Hulu for the issue.

Reason 2: Cache Backing up memory

The memory of the app should be free before you can enjoy its full functionality. If the memory is backed up by cache, this greatly reduces the efficiency of streaming and therefore, you will see issues like audio delay on Hulu.

Reason 3: App Glitch

Now sometimes, the issue might lie with the Hulu app. There might be many glitches and bugs that either only you are facing or maybe other people are too.

This issue is on the server end of Hulu.

Reason 4: Your app is not updated

Did you know that many of the app glitches are caused by an outdated erosion of the app? When the app is updated, many new features are added to the app, and the older bugs are fixed.

If you do not update the app though, you will not get access to any of these features and the app will not be able to get rid of the bugs.

Reason 5: Device Problems

Sometimes, the device that you are using is the issue behind you facing problems with Hulu. it could be that the device is not updated or it could also be that the device has some internal issues.

Some issues with the device hardware can also cause this problem. In these cases, the device needs to be fixed before you can get a good experience with Hulu.

How To Fix Hulu “Audio Delay Issue”?

So, we have discussed above why you are facing an out-of-sync sound problem at Hulu. now let us work on how to get this issue resolved as soon as possible before you have to involve a professional for their help.

In most cases, you will be able to solve this issue on your own as the audio delay problem is not deep-rooted unless there is a serious hardware issue that needs a professional.

Fix 1: Check the internet connection

Let us start with the most common solution that fixes this problem for many users. Yes, it is tried and tested.

When you face the audio lag issue on Hulu, the first thing to check is, are you getting a stable internet connection where you are?

Are you using a router? 

If you are using a router, check if all the cables to the router are connected firmly. Also, check if the router is receiving a signal. 

If you see that the router is having trouble then you can correct it by restarting or resetting the router. If the router is not the problem but all your devices are experiencing a weak connection, then you should try to check your internet service provider.

You can do this by calling the support number of your internet service provider. They will let you know the exact steps you need to follow to get your connection back.

Fix 2: Cache Cleanup

The internet might be in full swing and you may not have any connection problems but the next thing that you need to check now is, is there a cache overload on your system?

If you are using a browser to stream Hulu, then you can find the cache clearing option on the browser settings.

If you are streaming Hulu through the app, you need to go to your device settings for the cache cleanup.

Once you clean the cache, then you will be able to use the memory for a better purpose and your audio delay issue might be resolved.

Fix 3: Update the app

After cleaning the cache, if you are still facing the audio lag on your Hulu stream, then there are a couple more options that you can try. 

One of them is, to check if the Hulu app is updated to the latest version. You can do this by visiting the Play Store or the Apple app store and clicking on check for updates.

If you are able to find a new version, this means that your app was not updated before. Once you update the app to the latest version, try streaming again.

Most of the time, this solves the problem as it also installs a fresh copy of the app that eliminates glitches.

Fix 4: Restart the app

This is one of the simpler options when it comes to finding a solution for the audio out-of-sync issue.

Users like to try this very often. When you face any issue with the app, log out of the app, clear any cache, and log back in again. This will cause a restart.

Brownie points to you if you restart your device too before logging in again.

Fix 5: Device Trouble

The device that you are using to stream Hulu may be the main culprit and 

The Hulu app has nothing to do with the error in the first place.

In these cases, you will need to call customer support or a professional to identify the potential problems with your device. Once you fix the device, get started with a fresh installation of Hulu and try streaming again.

Fix 6: Server problems with Hulu

If the Hulu server is having trouble then, you are not the only one who might be facing this issue.

This is useful because then you just need to sit back and relax before the professionals at Hulu rectify the problem. It becomes a bigger problem for Hulu than you when a huge number of people are affected.

You can, however, confirm this by calling Hulu customer support. They will also give you relevant advice if the issue only affects you.


Audio delay at Hulu is one of the minor problems and can be easily solved with the help of the fixes mentioned above.

If you do not get help from any of these fixes mentioned above, you can describe the specific problem that you are facing to the customer service team at Hulu. They can give you the sure-shot solutions for the problems with Hulu.

We hope that this blog was useful with your Hulu audio lag problem. 

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