How to fix Hulu “Error Code Metadata-2”?

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Since, you are already here reading our post on, “How to fix Hulu Error Code Metadata-2 Error?”. My guess is that you must have already come across this problem and are looking for ways to deal and fix it ASAP!

In the following article we have tried to list out all the possible solutions out there with the help of which you should be able to take care of the Metadata-2 error on your Hulu account, on your own without any kind of prior technical knowledge as well. 

And thus, without any further ado, let us head to the part to look at some of the top fixes out there whose help you should be able to fix the above issue on your respective streaming devices, quite effectively and efficiently.

How to fix Hulu “Error Code Metadata-2” Error?

All the below mentioned fixes are nothing more than simple troubleshoot fixes which can be done by anyone and everyone, without any kind of expertise or so.

Additionally, since most of the errors out there, even though with different causes, pretty much have similar solutions. The fixes you see listed below, can also be applied to fix some other problems or errors as well which may be related to your Hulu account. 

Fix 1: Restarting and Resetting your Streaming Device

Most often, the simplest of solutions is all one needs to solve even the most difficult of problems. Similarly, even in the case of the issue we have at hand today, simply restarting your streaming device or your device on which you are streaming your favorite content should do the trick. 

I have listed it right at the beginning as it is one of the simplest of solutions out there and involves a simple turning off and on of your streaming device or device on which you are streaming videos on Hulu. 

If there is an option to “RESET” your streaming device, then do try resetting the device completely so that any kind of bug or issue which may have come up gets taken care of on its own by the default initialization and reboot process.

Fix 2: Restarting your Home Network

If there is an issue with your internet connection at home. Then, such issues may show up more often than you would expect.

If that is the case, then it is not a bad idea to first see and check whether the network you have set up at home is working well and is well optimized to provide you with a smooth streaming experience. 

Moreover, similar to what we had seen earlier in the case of streaming devices, a simple restart in the case of your modem or router device too may help solve the issue quite easily without having to sort to any invasive methods further.

Simply turn off your modem and router device for at least 30 seconds or more and then switch it back on and see whether the issue still persists. Also, when restarting your network device, it is best that you restart your streaming device simultaneously as well.

Fix 3: Unplugging your streaming device & home network devices

This too is a simple troubleshoot approach, where all you need to do is plug out your streaming device from your display device or network cables if you are connected to the internet with the help of those. And then, plug them back and see whether the issue gets resolved.

Fix 4: Try switching from a wireless to a wired network

For those of you who are streaming content on Hulu over a laptop or PC. Then, you can also try switching from a wireless network to a wired one connected via an Ethernet cable directly to your home modem. 

Although, this is not a permanent solution and you most probably would want to go back to streaming your favorite shows over a Wi-Fi network.

Trying this approach might give you a better idea of whether the problem is on your network or it has something to do with your device. Once you learn that, solving the issue might then prove easier and much simpler.

Fix 5: Try Updating your Hulu App

Errors such as Metadata-2 or other similar issues may also be a result of outdated apps or firmwares. Hence, if you have such an error message pop up on your screen and doubt that either your Hulu app or your OS is not upto date. Then, my advice to you would be to update them as soon as possible.

By doing this not only are you taking care of any bugs or other issues with the app or device overall. But, you are also keeping your system optimized for a much better and smoother streaming experience.

Fix 6: Try Clearing your device cache

It doesn’t really matter what kind of device you are using to stream your favorite content online. But, when you have unnecessary data getting stored day after day on the same storage, a time will come when it will disrupt the normal functioning. 

Hence, it is a good idea to try cleaning up your cache from time to time, so that such an issue does not arise due to that. Also, once you do clean up the cache memory, see whether the error message still shows up after that.

Fix 7: Try Changing your Browser

At times, even your browser can be the reason for such an error message to show up on your screen while streaming shows on Hulu.

If you are using your Laptop or PC to stream videos, then you can try logging into your Hulu account from a different account and see if the error still occurs. 

You can also try clearing your browser history and cache memory once and see whether the issue could be resolved or not.

Fix 8: Try Logging Out and Logging In

Something which most users dealing with this particular error had in common, was that they all were logged in to a “Live Hulu account” and not the normal one. 

So if the content you want to view is available in Hulu’s normal account as well, and you do not have some kind of rather urgent need for content only available on the live account.

Then, I believe shifting to a normal account just for a while would do you no harm and you can enjoy streaming your desired content quite easily as well.

But, if the content you desire is only available on a live account. Then, the next step mentioned in the list should help you out. 

Also, you can try logging out and in of your Hulu account once, just to see whether that works for you or not. Many users out there have found this simple Logging out and in approach helpful too when it comes to fixing the Metadata-2 error.

Fix 9: Try Disabling Smart DNS and change to a different VPN

This last solution is probably one of the most effective fixes out there, using which you should be able to solve the issue and stop the error message from showing up again. 

For this method all you need to do is disable the Smart DNS feature, enabled on your device and then download and install a good VPN service next. 

Moreover, when going for a VPN service, it is very important to keep in mind that the VPN service you are opting for has good and well established VPN servers in the US or even Canada.

If so, then simply connecting to American or Canadian VPN servers when streaming content over Hulu should do the trick.


As mentioned at the very beginning, all the different solutions provided above are mostly troubleshooting approaches and do not require any expertise or so. This is the reason why it can be tried out by almost everyone out there without having to worry about damaging the system in any way or so. 

However, if the issue still persists, even after having tried all the above mentioned steps. Then, it would be a good idea to contact either your Hulu Help Desk or ISP provider and ask for professional assistance to resolve the particular issue and error.

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