How To Fix Hulu error code p-dev336?

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In this article, we will look at how to fix Hulu error code p-dev336. We will also take a look at what is the meaning of the error code as well as what are the reasons that this issue is showing up on your device.

What is the meaning of error code p-dev336 on Hulu?

P-dev336 is an error code that has not been mentioned and explained separately by Hulu, it can very easily become overwhelming to deal with due to very less information being available on the same. We will try to deduce the meaning of the error through user experiences and advice on the community forums.

As per our research error code p-dev336 on Hulu is a playback error. The error mainly occurs when you are trying to play a video on the platform. There can be many reasons that can be used to explain the error code. 

Here are some of the reasons that can be behind the error code on Hulu.

  • The internet connection is weak
  • The Hulu server is down
  • The device that you are using is facing trouble
  • The Hulu app on your device is glitching
  • You have missed an update on the app
  • There is a cache backup on your app or browser
  • The browser you are using is incompatible to run Hulu

How To Fix Hulu error code p-dev336?

The error code might not have been explained by Hulu but users have devised many methods through trial and error to solve the problem. We will discuss the fixes in detail in this section.

Fix 1: The internet connection is weak

Hulu stream needs an uninterrupted internet connection, and if you cannot provide that, you cannot stream videos on Hulu.

How do you identify that the problem is with the internet connection especially when the other apps are working fine? You can look for a free internet speed meter on Google. When you run a test, you will get to know the upload as well as the download speed on your connection.

If the speed is too low, take a look at your internet plan and have a conversation with your internet service provider to help you with the same.

Fix 2: The Hulu server is down

The server is an integral part of the streaming process. It is the place where the content is stored. As the videos are not locally downloaded on your device, you need an uninterrupted connection to the server.

If the server is down due to huge user volume or maintenance, you will face problems with the playback of the content.

Fix 3: The Device that you are using is facing trouble

There is a chance that the device that you are using is having trouble supporting the Hulu stream.

You can test this by logging on to another device and checking if the video streaming works on that device. If it does work, try restarting or rebooting the earlier device.

Fix 4: The Hulu app on your device is glitching

The app needs regular updates to work properly. You may have missed some very important updates causing the app to glitch.

Missing updates on the app can cause the app software to lose touch with the developments that have been made by the developers to eliminate glitches and malicious attacks.

There are a couple of fixes that you can try for this issue.

  • Check for the newer updates on the app. Update the app if you can find new versions and turn on automatic updates if that is something feasible for you.
  • Delete the app’s older version and install a fresh new version.

Fix 5: There is cache backup on your browser or app

The cache is a very useful tool for storing information that needs to be entered repeatedly on the web.

However, it usually is counterproductive when a lot of cache data is backed up on your memory. The memory is then not free to perform other functions.

You need to clear the cache on the device and then try to play the video again. You can do this both on the app and the browser.

Fix 6: The Browser that you are using is incompatible

There are some browsers that are not on the list of Hulu-compatible browsers. These browsers will not support streaming on the browser even when you can manage to log into the account and look at the list of shows.

In this case, check for the list of browsers that support Hulu. If you cannot find your browser on the list, you should switch the browser.

Fix 7: Contact Hulu support

The last resort in the case that nothing works for you, you should contact the Hulu support helpline or send them an email with your concern.

They will get back to you with the fixes to the problem.


Even though there is no straight answer available for the error code p-dev336 on Hulu,  we can deduce from the available information that it is a playback error.

We have made a list of the probable reasons this could be affecting you and what you can do in order to fix that.

Hopefully, this piece of information helped.

Happy Streaming!!

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