How To Fix Hulu error code p-edu129?

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In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of the Hulu error code p-edu129. We will discuss the exact meaning of the error code, the reasons behind the error code, and how to fix the error code.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

What is the meaning of the error code p-edu129 on Hulu?

There are many error codes on Hulu that might sound and look similar as they only differ by a letter or a word.

Before looking for the fixes to the error code make sure that you have got the right one. 

The error code p-edu129 on Hulu is a loading error that likely has to do with the internet connection that you are using.

There could be many other reasons as well behind the error code p-edu129 on Hulu.

We will discuss these reasons in the next section.

Possible reasons behind the error code p-edu129 on Hulu

As we have mentioned that the error code p-edu129 could have many different reasons. You cannot always rely on the most obvious reason. There are many reasons that can easily be overlooked when exploring the fixes.

We will make a list of reasons behind the error code in this section so that nothing gets missed out on.

Here is the list of reasons that could be behind the error code p-edu129 on Hulu.

  • The modem that you are using for the internet connection is too far from the device used for streaming Hulu.
  • The Hulu servers are down.
  • The playback on Hulu has failed
  • The show that you are trying to watch is no longer available on the platform.
  • You have a weak internet connection.
  • The Hulu app is not updated.
  • The network hardware is not updated.

These are some of the identified reasons behind the error code p-edu129 on Hulu. We will keep these in mind when we discuss the fixes in the next sections.

How To Fix Hulu error code p-edu129?

Having the idea of the different reasons that could be behind the error code gives you access to important information in regards to the error code.

Make sure that you visit the list in the previous section that discusses the reasons for this error code on Hulu before you try the fixes. This will saves you time as you will be able to narrow down the fixes to fit your particular situation.

Here is how you can fix the error code p-edu129 on Hulu.

Fix 1: The modem that you are using for the internet connection is not close by

There is a certain functioning range for a modem. If your device is situated too far away from the modem or the router, the internet speed will not be reliable for streaming content on Hulu. 

Sometimes, it also happens that there is a device placed between the modem and the streaming device. If this device happens to be controlled through radio waves like maybe a microwave or a radio. 

If you notice this placement around your device too, remove the interfering device and move the modem closer to the streaming device.

Fix 2: The Hulu servers are down

When a server that many people around the world have access to goes down, the major cause for it is traffic that the server could not handle at that point in time.

The servers might also be shut down for maintenance purposes but this is usually intimated to the users ahead of time to avoid inconvenience. 

If you suspect that this might be the issue that is affecting you, you can Google a down detector on the internet. They collect user reports on the status of different sites to determine outages.

If you find that the server is indeed down, you will have to wait for Hulu developers to solve this issue as there is nothing to solve on your end.

Fix 3: The playback on Hulu has failed

This can be due to a glitch on the Hulu app or your web browser if you are using the browser. In this case, you should quit the browser or the app and refresh.

You can also perform a power cycle on the device for the best measure. 

This rebooting process eliminates minor glitches in the system and gets rid of the errors that the users are experiencing. 

If this does not solve the glitch, you can also try to uninstall the app and reinstall a fresh copy.

Fix 4: The show that you are trying to watch is no longer available on the platform

There are many shows on Hulu that are licensed by the platform and are not its property. To keep the content on the platform, sometimes the licenses need to be renewed.

In case of renewal failures, the show might no longer be available on the platform.

If you are trying to play a show that is not available on the platform, you may experience the error code p-edu129 on Hulu.

You can search for the show on Google and decipher the name of the platform that it is now available on and watch it on that platform instead.

Fix 5: You have a weak internet connection

Hulu does not store shows on your device locally as there is no way your device could have so much space.

This is why a regular and steady connection to the Hulu server is necessary to play content. If your internet connection is not stable or the speed is too low, you will see many different error codes on the platform.

You can easily check the internet speed through free internet speed meter tools online. They are reliable and give you an idea of both upload and download speeds on your connection.

Fix 6: The Hulu app is not updated

The Hulu app needs regular updates to stay in touch with the new developments on the server. 

If the app is not updated on time, not only does it miss access to new developments on the platform but also misses out on the elimination of long-time glitches as well as protection from malicious attacks.

This can very well cause error code p-edu129 on Hulu as well. Make sure to regularly check for updates on the Hulu app and if you are forgetful in this regard, turn on automatic updates.

Fix 7: The Network hardware is not updated

Another thing that can affect your connection to the internet is the failure to update your network hardware.

The network hardware refers to the modem and router that are essential for the internet connection. Many people do not know that these devices too need regular firmware updates and only get to know this when some issue shows itself.

Update the network hardware on a regular basis to make sure that you do not lose a stable Internet connection.

Fix 8: Contact the Hulu Support team

When none of the options listed above can bail you out of the issue that you are facing, you can get the issue resolved with the help of Hulu customer support.

They are always happy to help and if you are not yet comfortable calling them, you can also raise a query in the Hulu community forum where other users can help you with their experiences.


The error code p-edu129 on Hulu is a connection error. It usually occurs when the distance between the network hardware and the streaming device is too much.

There are other reasons too that we have mentioned above in detail. 

We hope that at least one of these fixes could help you get back to streaming your favorite show on Hulu.

Keep following for more technical content. 

Happy Streaming!!

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