How to Fix Hulu Error Code Playlist-1?

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Hulu Error Code Playlist 1

You may face Playlist – 1 error code on Hulu if there is any issue with Hulu servers, or if your device is facing internet connectivity issues.

There are a series of error codes available on the Hulu app and Hulu error codes are not always crystal clear in terms of explaining the problem behind these error codes.

So here we have read out multiple forums and reviews of users to bring out some troubleshoots which can help you fix the Hulu Error Code Playlist-1.

How To Fix Playlist-1 Error code on Hulu?

Fix 1: Check The Server Status

If you ever come across this error code while using Hulu then the first thing you should check is the Server status of Hulu. 

If Hulu servers are down then you won’t be able to use its services for till their server gets back to normal.

To check Hulu server status visit here and check if there is any reported outrage showing for Hulu.

If you found any recent ongoing outrage with the Hulu server then you have to wait till their server gets back to normal.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

If Hulu servers are up with no error but you still have the error then try refreshing your internet connection.

You need to unplug your router power cable from the wall outlet and wait for around 1 minute.

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After that plug in the router power cable back into the wall outlet and wait for the router fully restarts.

Once the router restarts try accessing any other app or website on your device to confirm if your internet is working fine or not.

Also, you can try going to any internet speed test website to check your internet speed and stability.

If you find any problem with your internet then contact your ISP.

Fix 3: Update The HULU App

Check if you are using the latest version of the Hulu App because if you are using the outdated version of Hulu then these kinds of errors are very likely to come.

To check the update for HULU you need to go to your device’s App Store and from there search for the HULU app, and check if you can see the update option next to the HULU app.

If you can see the update option for Hulu then consider updating Hulu and check if it resolves the error.

Fix 4: Restart The Device

If you still have the error then try restarting your device.

You need to power off the device and wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.

After that restart the device and check if it still has the error.

Fix 5: Disable the VPN If You Are Using Any

If you are using any VPN while accessing Hulu then please consider disabling the VPN and check if you still have the error.

Fix 6: Reinstall The Hulu App

If you have tried all of the above-given workarounds and are still facing the error code Playlist-1 then you should uninstall the Hulu app and reinstall it.

Simply you need to uninstall the App and after that restart the device.

Once the device is fully restarted, reinstall the Hulu App.

Note: In case you still have the error then report the error to Hulu support.

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