How To Fix ICMP Error On Xbox?

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ICMP Error On Xbox

Many people are experiencing errors in connecting to Xbox Live through their devices. Many issues can be behind the connection failure for Xbox Live, but we are discussing the failure of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).

In this article, we will discuss how to fix ICMP errors on Xbox.

This is an issue that stops the users from connecting to the Xbox Live server due to the primary issues with your internet service provider.

The issue can also arise because of the network settings and many more reasons that we will discuss in the next section where we will discuss the solutions for the error. Let’s discuss the solutions without any further delay.

How to solve the ICMP error on Xbox and connect to Xbox Live?

The Xbox Support page has many users rushing to the page asking about the ICMP error on Xbox Live.

This is a very common error and the developers on Xbox are aware of it. This is why they have mapped the process of solving this issue on the support page. We will mention these solutions in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can easily get rid of the ICMP error on Xbox.

Fix 1: Test the Xbox Live Connection

The network connection needs to be tested to see if the issue is on your end or on the server’s end.

On Xbox 360 you can check the Xbox Live connection using these steps.

  • Fish out the Xbox Controller
  • Press the Guide button on the Xbox controller
  • Now select Settings 
  • From the Settings menu, select the System settings
  • The system settings are further divided into many sections
  • Select Network Settings from the System Settings
  • Now select your network based on the fact that you are using a wired or wireless connection.
  • Now click on Test Xbox Live Connection
  • Now the Xbox will start a scan for live connection

If you are using Xbox One, then you can use these steps to test the network connection.

  • On the Home Screen, scroll left to open the Guide menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on All Settings
  • Now click on Network
  • Click on Network Settings
  • Click on Test Network Connection 
  • Wait for the network scan to complete.

Fix 2: Reset the Network settings to default

As we now know that the network settings on your Xbox can be a major reason for the ICMP error, we need to solve the network settings issue.

An easy way to do this is by setting the network settings to default. However, before you take this step it is important to be informed about the fact that you will lose all the preferences that were set for the network initially.

If you are sure about your decision, here is how you can reset the network settings to default.

  • Fish out the Xbox Controller.
  • Find the Guide button on the Xbox Controller and press it.
  • Click on Settings 
  • Click on System Settings
  • Select Network Settings from the System Settings
  • Choose your network connection if it is a Wired or wireless network.
  • Now click on Configure Network
  • Open the Additional Settings tab 
  • Click on Restore to Factory Defaults
  • Click on Yes, Restore to Factory Defaults when the confirmation prompt appears.
  • Now restart the Xbox for the settings to take effect.

This will reset the network settings to default and help you clear the ICMP error on Xbox. After this step, you will need to set all the network preferences again.

Fix 3: There is wireless interference causing ICMP error on Xbox

Wireless interference is a major cause of ICMP troubles. This is the term that defines other devices causing signal issues when a device is trying to connect to the internet.

If you are facing the ICMP error on Xbox, it is possible that some device is positioned in between your network hardware and Xbox.

These devices are the ones that operate on radio signals like phones, radios, microwaves, etc. 

If you are facing the ICMP error on Xbox, make sure that there is no radio signal-operated device between the Xbox and the network hardware.

Fix 4: Clear System Cache to free the memory

The system memory stores a lot of network data in the form of cache files. However, this cache needs to be cleared on a regular basis. This is a fact that many people are not aware of. The system memory cannot function properly in processing if it is clouded with random cache files. 

It is a good idea to clear out the cache even if it does not really help you with the issue. Here is how you can go about clearing the system cache on Xbox.

  • Fish out the Xbox controller
  • Press the Guide button
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on System Settings
  • Click on Storage. It can also be named Memory
  • Now select the storage devices you see and press the Y button on the controller.
  • Click on the option Clear Cache
  • Press Yes when you are asked to confirm.
  • Now test the Network connection and see if the issue is solved.

If you are operating Xbox One, here is how you can clear the system cache.

  • Find the power button on the console.
  • Press and hold the power button. This will turn off the console.
  • Remove the power cable from the console.
  • To completely drain the battery of the console, press the power button a few more times while the console is off.
  • Now reconnect the power cord and turn on the console. 
  • Press the power button to turn on the console

The process of clearing the system cache on Xbox One lines up with the process of power cycling the console for the most part.

Fix 5: Change the Nat settings on the Xbox

There are certain network settings that you can change for the Xbox to make sure that the ICMP error goes away.

One of these is to change the NAT settings on Xbox. Here are the steps for what you need to change on Xbox for solving the issue.

  • Enable DHCP
  • Also, make sure to trigger the ports.
  • Open the NAT settings and make sure to set it to Open
  • Go to the Xbox Live settings to Automatic

Fix 6: Check if the Wifi card is properly connected

The Xbox needs a Wifi card to function and connect to the internet. If the card is not properly connected then you need to open the Xbox and reinsert the Wifi card.

This is a solution that not many users think of but it is surprisingly very helpful. If your Xbox is under warranty, do not open the Xbox or it will void your warranty.

Fix 7: Contact the Xbox support

We have mentioned a variety of solutions for this issue but if you are still facing the ICMP issue on the Xbox, you need to contact Xbox support.

The support team will make a note of the issue that you rea facing and will suggest you a solution on the basis of the situation that you are in. A personalized solution from the support team might just be the thing that you need for the resolution of this error.

To conclude

The issue with the ICMP error on Xbox stops the users from connecting to the Xbox Live servers.

We have mentioned the best solutions for this issue and we hope that this has been helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

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