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Imagetocartoon is a free website to cartoon your images using the latest AI technology. And in this post we are going to review Image to Cartoon.

Image to cartoon Review

What is Image to cartoon?

Image To Cartoon is a free website to cartoon your images using the latest AI technology. You can create funny and cute cartoon avatars through this online cartoonizer.

Upload a single photo to the platform and you get 15 personalized cartoon faces in seconds. Multiple body gestures and background pictures can be applied to your portrait to create humorous effects.

This application stands out from its competitors because it can scan the facial features accurately and always matches the best dress and backgrounds for female characters or male characters. It’s free to download all wonderful cartoon works without signing up for an account.

Even more surprisingly, it supports watermark-free downloads. You can easily share your cartoon avatars on social media to attract your followers’ attention. Moreover, lots of more advanced features for you to unlock.


  • You will completely cartoonize your face when you use Image to Cartoon.
  • You may animate looks with this application without any complicated Photoshop effort.
  • There are countless cartoon styles, and each individual has a personal favorite.
  • There are no images saved, and the privacy of the users who use the Image to Cartoon Converter is protected.


  • Image to Cartoon Converter’s only drawback is that it can only be used to create a cartoon from a single shot at a time.
  • You can’t use this program to animate numerous images at once because there’s no way to batch convert them.

How to Cartoonize Photos With Image to Cartoon?

  • Go to
  • Click the “Upload an Image” button or drop an image directly from your computer. 
  • Let AI convert your photo to cartoon styles. That process may last 3-10 seconds, depending on the size and dimension of your picture.
  • Preview all 15 cartoon effects. Choose which one is your favorite.
  • Click the “Download” button to save the work. There are two options for you: download a standard image, or download a high-resolution image.

Key Features

  • Convert a face photo to 15 cartoon styles.
  • Small ornaments for the head.
  • Support different body poses and background scenes.
  • Automatic matching of dress and background according to gender.
  • Free to use: no need to sign up
  • Supports uploading up to 10 images per week for a free account.
  • Generate high-quality cartoon portraits without watermarks.
  • Two options for cartoon image saving: standard image and high-resolution image.

Subscription Plan:

If you like this photo cartoonizer and want to enjoy more advanced features, you can decide to subscribe to the service. The developer provides users with 3 price plans. See the details below:

Day Plan: $4.9/Day

  • 40 Credits for One Day
  • Basic Cartoon Effects
  • Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • 7/24 Support

Premium Plan: $6/month

  • 100 Credits Per Month
  • Basic Cartoon Effects
  • Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • Free Code for AppYearly Plan
  • 7/24 Support

Pro Plan: $14/month

  • 300 Credits Per Month
  • Basic Cartoon Effects
  • Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • Free Code for AppYearly Plan
  • 7/24 Support

Uniqueness of Image to cartoon

Before imagetocartoon was released, there have already been many cartoon avatar makers, such as Befunky, Avatoon, Avatarmaker, etc.

Though they can help you create a cartoon avatar based on the given elements, the avatars they create are far removed from the real photos.

That means most image-to-cartoon tools just cartoonize the pictures but don’t guarantee that the cartoon avatar is highly similar to your own.

Many young people today want to express their personality and their attitude to life through customized cartoon avatars. That’s what imagetocartoon wants to do and is doing.

Compared with the competitors in the market, image to cartoon can understand the users better. Besides, image to cartoon has fewer limitations than picture cartooning. You don’t need to register an account and don’t need to cost money.

The only thing you do is upload a clear face photo for processing. Image to cartoon allows you to download all High-resolution images without any watermarks.

Most importantly, image to cartoon can recognize the character’s gender and match the most suitable actions and backgrounds for the character.

That means the female and male characters will have different looks. If you want to get a personalized and attractive cartoon face, don’t hesitate to try this tool.

Other Key Points

Image to cartoon Mobile App

It is worth noting that image to cartoon now comes on mobile devices. And it is quite easy to use. The only difference between the online version and the mobile one is gender selection.

If you are fond of cartooning your face, don’t hesitate to download Cartoonizer app from Google Play or App Store. You will get a beautiful cartoon look in just a few taps. 

Image to cartoon Mac App

You can also enjoy the image-to-cartoon service on a Mac computer. Cartoonizer mac is one of the best Apps to cartoon yourself on a Mac computer.

Not only get stunning cartoon effects, but also a cartoon editor that’s turning everyone into a cartoon character. More than 40 different cartoon characters and more drawings are coming. Powered by AI technology, it cartoons your images in simpler and faster ways.

Using this software, you can choose the best effects from multiple stickers and backgrounds provided. You no longer have to worry about using the same or similar cartoon avatars as others. 

Cartoon Effect Samples: 

You can see some works generated by image to cartoon on this page:

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What File Formats Does It Support?

Image to cartoon supports uploading JPG and PNG files for conversion. The two formats are the most popular file formats worldwide, so you can easily view, save, share the pictures as long as you want.

How Much Time to Be Used for Cartoon Creation?

Image to cartoon is driven by artificial intelligence, and it has been trained with thousands of face photos. It can quickly scans and analyzes the facial features and guess the gender of the character in the photo. 

Who Developed The Image To Cartoon?

Shane Steven, the developer of image to cartoon, has 8-year experience in software development, specializes in the development of AI photo editors. The featured products include imglarger, PhotoAI, Bgeraser, etc. Shane is happy to answer any questions about photo editing and photo enhancing. Find him on Quora and invite him to give any professional pieces of advice.

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