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Imglarger is the latest Al picture solution for designers, bloggers, and other persons who want to enlarge and enhance their images without experiencing graphic designing and other hectic works.

Imglarger Review

This application combines ten picture-enhancing functions into one platform to help you finish multiple photo processing works at one time.

Imglarger is now available for both Windows and Mac, allowing users to sharpen blurry images, retouch damaged portraits, remove images BG, reduce the noise, turn photos into a cartoon, etc.

How Does Imglarger Work?

Imglarger employs AI upscaling algorithms and fills missing pixels to improve the quality of an image and add real detail.

It has been trained through thousands of real photos before it was released. As users upload more images, the more sophisticated their machine learning techniques become.

The AI photo editor can enlarge a picture up to 8x, increasing image resolution without affecting the quality.

For instance, it allows turning 400x600px image into a more detailed 3200x4800px picture. Based on deep learning and AI techniques, Imglarger can recognize any kind of photo quickly and accurately. 

It won’t stretch your visuals, instead, our smart algorithm will expand any image to your desired dimensions while optimizing the tone, texture, color, and clarity. Expand any image to meet your exact needs starting from a 2x upscale.

Imglarger Key Features

There are ten amazing features offered by AI Image Enlarger for their members. Each of these features has its importance and the results are never compromising. Check the following photo enhancing features on the official website of Imglarger to get a professional look at your images.

  • AI Image Enlarger:  Enhance photos by 200, 400, and 800 percent without affecting quality.
  • AI Image Enhancer: With a single click, improve photo quality, colors, and contrast.
  • AI Image Denoiser: Remove noise from the image by denoising it. Make the image look cleaner and smoother.
  • AI Image Sharpener: Unblur image online in 5 seconds using deep learning. Fix motion blur caused by quick movement or long exposure. 
  • AI Face Retouch: From selfies to portraits and beyond, Imglarger will retouch your faces and make you look more beautiful in the pictures.
  • AI Background Remover: The image’s backdrop will be instantly erased automatically. Make the image easier to view and edit by removing the unwanted background.
  • AI Photo Colorizer: Colorize and enhance the black & white photos. Breathe new life into the old damaged images with AI. 
  • AI Image Upscaler: Make powerful and beautiful up-scaled images in a bulk. It makes use of the most recent super-resolution AI model, which is both quicker and better than more traditional up-scaling approaches and older AI models.
  • AI Cartoonizer: Convert your face photo into cartoon style in one click. Create high-quality cartoon avatars with the help of a vivid filter effect.
  • AI Anime Upscaler: Upscale and enhance anime or cartoon pictures up to 16000*16000px. Improve the quality of your favorite anime wallpapers.

How to Use Imglarger?

Using Imglarger is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to the home page of Imglarger by clicking
  • Hover the mouse over “Our Products” and choose the tool you want to use from the drop-down menu.
  • Upload a picture that you want to enlarge or enhance with Imglarger tools.
  • Wait a while and let the Imglarger process the image automatically.
  • Click the “Download” button to save the enhanced photo to your computer.

How To Use AI Cartoonizer By Imglarger?

Assuming that you want to use AI Cartoonizer on Imglarger, you can do the following:

  • Go to the AI Cartoonizer option from the drop-down list of “Our Products”
  • Click “Start using AI Cartoonizer”
  • Drop your image in the drag and dropbox or upload it by clicking the box.
  • Click the start button and wait for processing.
  • Click download to have your fine copy of the image.

Imglarger Pros and Cons

Imglarger is competing with many other photo enhancing tools like Photoshop and other heavy software, yet it stands alone in its features and services.

Many points make it the best choice to use as a photo enlarger. You can compare the features and lists of these different tools with Imglarger. It will surprise you how Imglarger works and list its pros on other tools.


  • Less space and RAM requirements as compared to PhotoShop or other enhancing tools make it the best option for image editing and enhancing. 
  • It is a user-friendly tool and easy to handle which makes it stand high as compared to other complex and brain cracking services. 
  • It requires seconds and a couple of clicks for editing as compared to other competing apps and services. 
  • It is perfectly cheaper as compared to other premium tools.
  • It never compromises on quality. 
  • No skillset is required to use Imglarger.


  • Free version gives you only 8 image editing per month.
  • Tools are automatic and you may not like this sometime.

Imglarger Price Plans

Imglarger offers three plans for users to choose from. See the details below:

Free Plan:

  • Price: Free
  • Credits: 8 free credits/month
  • Access: Limited access to all features

Premium Plan:

  • Price: $9/month
  • Credits: 100 credits/month
  • Access: Unlimited access to all features

Enterprise Plan:

  • Price: $19/month
  • Credits: 500 credits/month
  • Access: Unlimited access to all features

Of the three plans, I think the premium plan is the most cost-effective. If you have a lot of images to enlarge or enhance, I suggest you choose the Enterprise plan as it will offer you more credits per month than other plans.

However, if you only use this tool occasionally, then the free version is enough. You can check the tool while using the free version and then subscribe to a paid plan after your satisfaction as it is sure that you will enjoy working with this tool.

Imglarger Mobile

Yes, you can enjoy the service of Imglarger on your mobile devices. You can search “PhotoAI” in Google Play or App Store, and you have access to Imglarger mobile. PhotoAI combines ten picture-enhancing functions into one app.

It lets you enlarge a photo, improve color and contrast, decrease noise, sharpen blurry images, eliminate undesirable backdrops, edit damaged face photos, and add HDR features to your photos. All of the tasks may be completed remotely in seconds or minutes with the use of PhotoAI. 

To help you have a clear knowledge of PhotoAI, we list its key features below: 

  • Enlarge/Upscale images more smartly, resize images up to 800% without losing quality;
  • Upscale the anime pictures you love and turn them into 4K resolution and you can use them as HD wallpaper directly;
  • Enhance images in quality/color/contrast, repair blurry photos and turn your images into stunning HD;
  • Retouch the face in photos, and fulfill the missing pixels automatically. You can scan your old family photos, and we will revitalize them;
  • Cartoonize your face with different effects;
  • Turn your image to sketch with different effects;
  • Colorize black and white images;
  • Restore your old family photos, portrait pictures and make them look better;
  • Remove background in the photo automatically, and you can customize the background as you wish;
  • Denoise image and creat dramatic HDR photos;

The only thing required is to submit a picture and select the function you need to implement to your image. A large number of PhotoAI’s tools are available without any registration or membership, making it ideal for beginners.

Why choose Imglarger as your best photo enhancement tool?

1. Batch Uploading and Enhancing:

First, let’s talk about which tools provide you with an option for batch uploading and upscaling photos.

Unlike Waifu2x, Imglarger allows batch processing when you enlarge and enhance pictures. You can upload up to 10 images at one time, and the software can deal with multiple images automatically.

2. User Interface and Layout for Users:

Upon visiting the website, you are immediately directed to the home page, where you can start to choose which specific photo enhancement tool you to use.

All tools have an easy-on-the-eye layout, so you can easily find the functions and options you can use when you upscale photos online using these tools.

Moreover, Imglarger also has easy-to-follow instructions indicated on the site, which is greatly helpful for newbies. You can also read lots of useful tutorials by reading its blog articles. 

3. Speed of Processing: 

All of Imglarger’s photo enhancing features are quick at getting the job done for you. You don’t have to wait too long when it comes to enhancing your photos at all.

However, images that are too large can affect the speed of conversion. If you want to get the generated photos as fast as possible, uploading a small-size or medium-size photo will be ideal. 

4. Quality of Output Image:

In terms of image quality, Imglarger works the best when the images are not heavily damaged. After all, it runs the latest AI technology on its site, providing it with great image-enhancing techniques that you can utilize for free.

What Makes the Best Photo Editor?

The best photo editing app is one that gives you quality features and promising results for your edits. 

1. User-Friendly

It needs to be user-friendly and general in its functionality, suitable for both beginners and experts.

It must not be complex like many professional tools out in the market which makes it unappealing for many users because of the difficulties and technicalities they have. 

2. Simple Layout & Design

A simple layout and design are also necessary for a good photo editor or photo enhancer. The app with a simple and clear navigation bar will help users find the service they want quickly. The more you save users’ time, the more they trust you.

3. Keeps Its Promises

The advertising slogans of many editors do not correspond to the actual results. If a photo editor can keep its promise, resulting in amazing effects just like what it has described in App Store or Google Play, it will have a better chance of winning over users.

Imglarger FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Enlarge a Small Image?

Sometimes, you will need to enlarge a small image since it’s not in a size that will fit our projects, websites, and the like. However, not using the right tools to resize small images into big ones will decrease image quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use proper tools that will adequately resize your photos and retain or increase their quality.

2. Is Imglarger a secure image enhancing software?

Yes, it is safe. Imglarger only uses your images for enlarging and enhancing. Your images will be deleted after 12 hours. The website never collects your info via contact form or email. It has a detailed and perfect privacy protection policy. Meanwhile, Imglarger’s payment processing platform is the famous payment service provider, PayPal. You don’t have to worry about the security of your transactions.

3. How long the photo enlargement will process be?

Generally, our system will take 15 to 30 seconds for 200% and 400% enlargement. If you are using 800% upscale, it will take 40 seconds to half and one minute. To learn more about it, please read this post – enlarge the pictures quickly.

4. What are the credits used for?

Credits will be used for the Face Retouch, Bg Remover, and Image Sharpener. 1 credit for 1 image. But for using the other services, you have unlimited permission if you are a paid member.

5. Will Imglarger Embrace any new photo enhancing features?

Yes, Imglarger as a powerful and comprehensive photo enhancer application, will never stop exploring and developing new photo enhancement tools to meet users’ new needs. It currently includes 10 amazing tools, and the list continues to grow. According to the developer, Imglarger will soon have a new feature called Photo Editor. Keep eyes on Imglarger’s official blog to get first-hand information!


Image editing has become a need of life and it is not possible to resist photo enhancing applications. Imglarger is a good choice for beginners as well as experts because of its ease, perfection, budget-friendly membership, and quick functioning. 

It will be a matter of clicks and you can enhance photo online without losing quality. You can start using the tool after a few minutes of interaction and can start editing without any experience.

Whether you are a photographer, a blogger, or a designer, this software will help you perform simple and fast image processing. With such a one-stop photo enhancer, you greatly increase productivity and creativity.

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