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Are you trying to find if you can get the iMovie on your Chrome Os? if yes then in this post we are going to answer this.

imovie for chromebook

The answer is, no. iMovie is designed by apple for Mac and IOS. It can’t be installed in Android or Chrome OS.

But this is not a sad news, as there are some best alternatives to imovie, which gives you same experience in Chrome OS and Android.

In this Article we will look at some best video editor, which can be installed in Chromebook and give you good experience.

iMovie Alternatives For Chromebook

1. We video

We video is best choice for cloud based online editing platform for ios and android devices.
It can help you to adjust volume, clip videos, even have best inbuilt music transition system, filters and titles. Best part is, it can be used in Mobile and laptops, depends on your feasibility.

We video

2. Kapwing

Kapwing video editor is a tool which runs online to edit photo, video, gifs. This is best alternative for imovie for Chromebook.


It can trim videos, edit your videos as per your creativity. The size of the video can be reset, audio can be added and many other feature which gives huge opportunity in video editing.

3. VivaVideo

This is a realistic app for Video editor as it gives you whole new experience in Video editing.
Over 200 million subscribers prove its worth. It is supported in imac, ios and android as well. It is one of most detailed and complete editing app available.


It comes with drag and drop facility which help to create slideshows if needed. This is a free video editor which gives you best interface to work on.

4. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is most simple and easiest video editor which supports all kind of operating system. It comes with multiple powerful tools, downloadable assets and much more.


This Editor comes with precise cutter and multiple audio tracks, inserting 3D transitions etc. It worth a try in place of imovie, as its features even compete Imovie and other best editor available

5. Google photos

Google photos is our last recommendation for video editing tool, as it is very practical for storing, organizing and sharing videos and images with everyone. Its quite cheap and even simple for the beginners.

Google photos

If you are creative guy and puts your creativity on regular basis, then you might need best storage space for your files, which Google photos provide you. It even sync your files with multiple devices and make social sharing effortless.


However there are more 100 video editing app which can be used in Android and Chromebook which you can adapt for your purpose. Yet above given tools are one of the most used apps worldwide for video editing.

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