How To Fix instant pot error code c7?

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Instant Pot Error Code C7

We know that with the growing responsibilities you have less and less time for mundane tasks like cooking when you neither enjoy it nor have the time for it.

There is a need for appliances that take up as much work from your hands as possible and that is exactly what the appliance in question does for you.

Not only does it help you with 7 different processes of cooking but is technologically advanced to the point that it can even tell you when something is wrong and needs to be repaired.

Now since we have still not reached the era where the instant pot can talk, it communicates the issues through specific error codes.

There is not much that goes wrong with the appliance on a regular but there are some common issues that need attention.

All of these common issues are addressed by the company and there is a user manual that you can follow if you face any errors.

We will in this article, discuss how to fix instant pot error code C7. We will take a look at what the error code actually means and what could be the major culprits behind the error.

What does the error code C7 mean on instant pot?

The error codes on the instant pot are relatively simpler and the names are not too complex to remember.

Still, before you get to the fixes for the error code, make sure that you have the correct error code.

If you get an error code C7 on the instant pot, this means that the heating element has failed. 

There can be many reasons why this might happen and we will discuss them at length in the next section where we make a list of the reasons behind this error.

Reasons For the instant pot error code c7

What are the reasons for the display of the error code C7 on the instant pot? 

We will make a list in this section for you to understand in detail. 

We have deciphered that the error code shows up when the heating element of the instant pit is not in proper working condition.

There are reasons that this might happen. The reasons might be

  • There is not enough liquid in the pot to maintain pressure.
  • The Quick-release switch is in the Vent position.
  • Another Hardware issue with the instant pot

Since this error code is relatively new, there are not many explanations at this point and these are the reasons that have been identified as the culprit when the heating element of the instant pot fails.

How To Fix instant pot error code c7?

The heating element of the instant pot might fail but it is not permanent in some cases and you can fix it at home without any technical help.

We will mention in this section the fixes that are easy to do on your own and also the last option that you will need to turn to in case the damage is too extensive to be repaired by you.

Fix 1: Check if there is enough liquid in the instant pot

The instant pot as you know can also be used for pressure cooking. Pressure cooking however relies on the pressure of the liquid in the pot.

There needs to be a minimum amount of liquid in the pot for the proper pressure buildup of the pot. If the liquid is too low than the specified amount, you will have the problem of heating element failure on your instant pot.

As soon as you first notice this error, especially when you are pressure cooking, this is your best bet. 

Fish out the user manual to check the minimum amount of liquid that should be present for pressure cooking in the instant pot. If you do not have the manual handy, you can also conduct a quick Google search for the same.

Make sure that the liquid is above the minimum level specified and the error should be resolved if this was the issue in the first place.

Fix 2: Check the Quick-release Switch

There is a Quick-release switch on the instant pot. The switch is functional in the cases of pressure cooking so that the excess pressure has an outlet.

This is an important safety tool for the instant pot. If this is not present, it can cause the device to explode in the case of excess pressure during cooking.

There is a vent position on the switch that you can turn to if you feel that there is excess pressure that needs releasing through external help.

If the quick-release switch is in the vent position, turn it the other way and check if the error code disappears.

Fix 3: Contact Instant Pot support

Since we have already mentioned this error code being new, the only two scenarios that can be cured at home are mentioned above.

If nothing else has worked for you, there is a deep-seated technical error with the instant pot and this can not be solved without the help of customer support.

The benefits of contacting the customer support team are that they have the tools necessary to get the pot back to functioning.

Also, if your instant pot is still in the warranty period, you might get a replacement piece in the cases that the pot is beyond repair. This, however, depends on what your warranty covers and how far you are in the support eligibility.

With technical devices like the instant pot, you should not be attempting serious repairs on your own. It is never a great idea as you might end up with more damage than you actually started with.


The relatively new C7 error on the beloved instant pot has been in observation for some time now and the consensus is that it has to do with the failure of the heating element on the instant pot. 

We have gathered the fixes that have worked for some other users and these are relatively easy fixes. If you feel that these fixes are not of help to you, immediately contact the customer support team and they will help you.

Happy Cooking!!

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