How To Fix IRS (Internal Revenue Service) error code 2099?

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IRS Error Code 2099

Are you getting the error code IRS error code 2099? And confused why are you getting this error? If yes then check out our article where we have mentioned the possible reasons and solutions for IRS error code 2099 Mean.

Why Does IRS error code 2099 Appear?

There are two main possibilities which are listed below,

  • The IRS website is down.
  • You have already filed a return for the current year. And trying to submit your tax twice.
  • You have e-filed your return and then mailed in a paper return as well.

How To Fix IRS error code 2099?

Fix 1: You Need To file a Form 1040X

  • You can file Form 1040X. If you don’t know then it is an amended return to fix IRS error code 2099.
  • Form 1040X has all the required information to fix the error. So fill out the form with all the required information and mail it to the IRS.

Fix 2: Contact the IRS directly

Contact the IRS support and report the error. If you are getting the error because their website is down then they will inform you about this.

Otherwise, they will inspect the issue and share with you the solution.

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