How To fix IRS Tax Return Rejection Code R0000-500-01?

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IRS Tax Return Rejection Code R0000-500-01

Recently users have started reporting that the IRS has been rejecting their Federal Tax Returns and showing the error code R0000-500-01.

The IRS error code R0000-500-01 takes place when the information you have entered & the information the IRS has doesn’t match.

If you are also having the same error code then in this post we are going to share the possible solutions.

How To Fix IRS Tax Return Rejection Error Code R0000-500-01?

Fix 1: Check The Information Provided By You

As we mentioned above, the main reason behind the error is mismatched information.

So check if you are providing the correct name and/or SSN.

If any of the information provided by you is not correct then correct it, and try again.

Fix 2: Contact IRS

If you have double-checked all the information provided by you but are still receiving the error then you need to contact the IRS.

First, you need to print your return from your account, and after that sign it. Once it’s done mail it to the IRS.

Note: Depending upon your resident state you have to find printing and mailing instructions plus addresses.

Once all these things are done you need to contact the IRS and discuss the error as they may have to correct their records.

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