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The answer to the above question for most part is quite relative in nature, and depends mostly on which part of the world you reside in and come from.

For someone from the West, particularly belonging to countries like the United States, UK and Australia just to name a few. There is a high likelihood that you might have never even come across the term in the first place.

Is Insignia a Good Brand

But on the other hand, if you are someone from Central or South East Asia. Then, Insignia surely is a name you must have come across at least once in your lifetime.

Now, asking whether Insignia is a Good Brand is not wrong on your part.

However, answering to that with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would definitely not be enough as well as justifiable. There are many good reasons why I say that. And knowing about a few will definitely help you decide better on your own whether Insignia is a good brand afterall or not. 

And so, to make things more simple and easy for you. I have decided to divide the following post into various sections consisting of a particular question as well as the answer to it. All of which should help you sum up a valid conclusion that will help you answer the above question on your own.

Insignia as a Brand? Good or Bad?

As a brand, it is as widely popular as any major brands out there. The only difference is that it is not as widely spread around the globe as others in the same niche.

That being said, does it in no way mean that Insignia as a brand has anything less to offer. As a matter of fact, on the contrary it is actually the opposite of that. 

Many of you here might be surprised to hear the fact that Insignia as a brand to an extent is actually quite ahead of time. Did you know that Insignia is said to be the first brand to have actually come up with TV sets with integrated and built-in Fire TV.

Something which no other more popular brands seemed to have achieved during the year 2018 when the smart TV revolution reached its peak. 

It was also during this time that Insignia became one of the first brands to have introduced Roku TV as well as Fire TV in 4K High Definition quality. Thus, opening a whole new portal to online streaming that we so readily find and enjoy in most households today.

Insignia Products? Good or Bad?

Well, now that you have a little idea of how Insignia is as a brand or what it has managed to achieve as a brand. Next, I believe it would be only fair that we look at it from the end-user’s point of view and perspective. That is, what kind of products does Insignia as a brand have to offer? 

Now, there is a common myth among consumers that whenever a product is cheap, there has to be something fishy or not up to par with it. And, although it might be true for most cases. It certainly is not the case for all. 

This will get much more clearer as we go on reading the next section further below.

Why are Insignia products so cheap? The Story Behind it

If you have ever purchased an Insignia product or compared one with other similar products belonging to different brands. Then, you might be already aware that in most cases there is a huge difference in price between Insignia products and that offered by other more popular brands out there like Samsung, Sony and LG.

The reason behind Insignia products being so cheap is actually quite simple. It does not really compromise on quality, rather I would say it puts in the best of elements into making its product.

This is because whenever an Insignia product is manufactured. It actually uses parts of various other TV brands together to come up with a complete assembled product at the end.

Now, most often when a TV goes old or even bad. It does not always mean that the whole TV set goes bad. There may be many such components or chips inside such a TV set that might be in mint condition and can be used without any problems at all.

And so with Insignia, such components are reused and recycled to give you products packed with rich features as well as performance.

Is Insignia worth it just because it is cheap?  

Being cheaper does not mean it has anything less to offer than its more costlier counterparts offering similar features. If you have a limited budget and can manage with a product composed of less updated components, then an Insignia product might not be the most ideal choice. Obviously, when it comes to features I believe Insignia products don’t fall short in any.


After having read all the things mentioned in the points above, you might have a more clearer and sound idea on how Insignia is as a brand or what you can hope to expect from it. I will certainly not say Insignia products or Insignia as a brand is the best out there.

But, surely enough I will not call it the worst as well. There may be days when you might receive a product with components far more outdated and not so well furbished. And there might be days when everything you get from the product to its components are all in mint condition and A-class.

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