Is it Possible to change the profile icon in Prime Video? If yes, how?

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You can add up to 6 profiles to your Amazon Prime Video account.

Each profile is distinguished by the profile icon; every profile has a different profile avtar.

This article will provide you information about “Is it possible to change the profile icon in Amazon Prime Video? If yes, how?”.

Is It Possible To Change The Profile Icon In Prime Video

Can You change the Profile icon on Amazon Prime Video?

Currently, there is no option to customize your profile icon on Amazon Prime Video.

Many other streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ offer an option to change your profile icons.

This is one of the premium features associated with Netflix. In it, you can choose a profile icon from the list of chic icons available in the website’s directory. 

However, we are sure that Amazon should be working in the direction to come forth with this feature.

But right now, there are only colors that differentiative one profile icon from the other. In the section below, you will find a trick to interchange the color of your profile icon.

Useful trick to interchange the color of your profile icon

You can change the color of your profile by adding a new profile in your ID by the process given above.

When you add a new profile to your ID, it generates a different profile icon for the profile.

Now, if you like the new profile icon better, you can rename it and delete your earlier profile.

Please note that you will lose your recommendations because the viewing history will be lost.

How to add A New profiles on Amazon Prime Video?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can add up to 6 profiles on one Amazon Prime Video account. These accounts can be adult accounts or kid accounts.

To create an additional profile to the default profile on Amazon Prime Video on your iOS, Android, and Fire Tablets, just follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video application on your device.
  • Now locate the “My Stuff” option located on the bottom of your device’s screen.
  • After you are into the “My Stuff” section, go to “Profile Picker”. A drop-down menu will appear, click on the “+” icon to add a new profile.
  • If you want to manage your profiles, just click on the “Manage Profiles” option listed in the drop-down menu of the “Profile picker” section.
  • Click on “Remove Profile” to remove a profile and “Edit Profile” to edit a profile.
  • Finish the process by clicking on the “Save” button to save the applied changes.


We are glad that you visited our website and read our article. We hope that you have found what you were looking for.

Although, there is no option to change the profile picture on Amazon Prime Video. We are sure the developers of the service will soon come out with the option to customize your profile pictures.

However, the trick mentioned above in the article may help you to partially change your profile icon. Come back for many such updates and tricks only on our website.

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