Is There Like & Love Options For Samsung Default Messaging App?

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Last Updated on May 16, 2022

As you may know, the iPhone has a messages react feature where you can like, love, or give other reactions to any text messages over their messaging app.

Is There Like & Love Options On Samsung Default Messaging App

Isn’t it cool? I know it’s and everybody loves this.

In this post, I am going to tell you whether Samsung Default Messaging App has this feature to like or love the messages, or not?

Is There Like & Love Options For Samsung Default Messaging App?

As of May 2022, Samsung doesn’t have a message reaction feature for its messaging app. They allow you to use emojis in the text messages but you can’t react over a message with love, like, etc.

If you are confused between reaction and emoji features in messaging apps then emoji are like messages which you send as individual messages but reaction allows you to react with some emotion for individual messages.

For example: Whatsapps recently added the reaction features for their app, so you users just need to tap and hold individual messages to react

their emotions over individual messages.

When can we expect Samsung to introduce a reaction feature to their messaging app?

For a giant company like Samsung adding a common feature like a reaction for messages is not a big thing. But in the end, it’s up to Samsung when they decide to introduce this feature.

All we can do is to request Samsung to add this feature. To request this you can visit Samsung Community and recommend them to add this feature.

Is There Any Alternate Way To Use Reaction Features For Messages On Samsung Phone?

Yes, there is an alternate way to use the reaction feature for the messages on Samsung Phone. You can replace the Samsung default messaging app with the Google Messaging App.

Google messaging app allows you to use reactions for the messages.

You just need to download the Google Messaging App and make it the default app for messages.

In online communities, many users mention that they prefer to use the Google Messaging app for the reaction feature till Samsung adds this option to their app. And you can also do the same.

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