Top reasons why TikTok is good for influencers

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With over a billion users worldwide, the social networking app which is available in more than 40+ languages is one of the most widely used apps today.

Although, the app initially started off as a simple platform for young individuals to share dubbed videos. Today, it is one of the widely sought apps by people of all age groups to access content as well as promote content.

Is TikTok Good For Influencers

Coming with a strong algorithm, the platform enables users to easily promote their content online and reach out to a wider and more engaged user base online.

There is just no doubt that content uploaded over TikTok has a little higher chance of going viral than those uploaded on other similar social media platforms. 

Now, assuming that you are either a marketer or influencer, being able to use one more app to your advantage does in no way seem like a bad idea. Right? Especially when it is absolutely free. 

The TikTok app is just the perfect tool and platform for anyone willing to promote themselves as well as their products online in front of a wider and more diverse audience.

To understand better, how TikTok can actually help influencers grow and reach their goals. Let us have a look at some of the major benefits of using the app as an influencer or even as an online marketer.

Top reasons why TikTok is good for influencers

Reason 1: TikTok is greatly interactive

Being solely a video based social media platform, TikTok can be greatly engaging. This is because, given that the app is solely focused on promoting short videos to its audience.

The amount of content it can bring in front of users is also quite more than what you would have seen and experienced in the case of more conventional social media platforms. 

Also, since the niche it works on is exclusively based on short videos. The audience too hence, is quite distinct and exclusive giving more probability to a content being uploaded be viewed and rather shared with others as well with similar taste and interest. 

In TikTok, the more interactive and fun you can make your videos, the better the response and followers you ought to get.

Be it any kind of content, there will obviously be a fan base for the particular niche in TikTok. The only question is how you can make use of it and better influence your audience being an influencer.

Or you can also strategically buy TikTok Likes to boost their success to make some good money.

Reason 2: TikTok’s user base has grown exponentially

The app has seen a rather exponential growth in the past few years, ever since it came into existence, since late 2015. 

A recent report published by the Business of Apps website as you can see from the table below, shows how the number of active users on the app has grown exponentially for the past 5 years and is only expected to grow here after on a similar scale. 

And hence, with new users coming in everyday, every month and every year, the size of the audience you will be exposed to will also keep on growing. 

New people, means new content. The more you can come up with trending content for your audience the better your reach and fame.

Reason 3: Many Big Companies on TikTok

There is actually nothing new here. Whenever, an app or website gains popularity and sees traffic flowing in abundance. Big companies too see an opportunity to gain access to that flowing traffic or audience. 

Hence, if you are an influencer at TikTok with a good number of followers. Then, there should be enough opportunities for you to earn some good cash with paid promotions and Affiliates provided by such companies on TikTok.

Reason 4: TikTok comes with a rather bold user base

Well, the thing about earning through affiliates and paid promotions is that it is only good and even better when the audience you are promoting such products too, are actually willing to buy and use them. The better the response there, the better is your scope of earning good money. 

Fortunately however, the user base you find in TikTok, unlike those in other similar social media platforms, are rather very bold when it comes to trying out products.

The only question here is how well you are able to promote a particular product with the content you upload for your viewers. The better the content and the message intended, the better the sale and your commission henceforth.


In short to sum it all up, there is just no doubt that when it comes to being a platform for influencers to engage with their audience and earn something out of it. There is just no better app out there than TikTok to do so. 

If you think you are good enough to come up with good and engaging video content to be shared with others online, then this app is definitely worth a try.

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