How To Fix JioCinema Error Code 1?

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JioCinema Error Code 1

Jio Cinema is a relatively new streaming platform offered by the Jio network group. There is a lot of content that you can stream on the platform. 

There is also exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else but on JioCinema. This makes it worth it to subscribe to the platform. However, users are reporting that there have been certain instances of issues on the streaming service that prove as a nuisance on the platform.

We will discuss the Jiocinema error 1 in this article. 

You will notice that there is not a lot of information about this error code on the internet. This is because the official support does not explain the issue at all. Whatever information we have about the issue is limited to the knowledge shared by the individuals affected by the error code.

We have made a list of all the solutions that can help you get rid of the error code on the platform. Let’s get into it in the next section.

How to Resolve the JioCinema error code 1?

As we have already mentioned that there is not a lot of information available about this error code, which means that we need to dig deep into the responses of the individuals about the error code.

You can find the discussions on user forums like Twitter, Reddit, and even Facebook at times. If you are on this page, you will not need to scan the internet for the solutions to this error code. Here is how you can solve the JioCinema error 1.

Fix 1: Remove the smart card from the TV box

If you are facing this issue on the TV box, then it is a great idea to remove the Smart Card from the TV. 

Removing the Smart Card from the TV and then reinserting it after a while helps to get rid of the temporary glitches with the service. This is just like a power cycle for the TV box because it cuts off the connection and then reinstates it which is exactly what a power cycling session does.

Fix 2: Power cycle the TV box

If the above step does not work for you, you can try to power cycle the TV Box. this will help you get rid of the issues on the service by cutting off the connection of the TV box to the server as well as all the power sources.

Fix 3: Log in to the app using your mobile OTP

The users who use the app or Jiocinema services on the TV experience better connectivity when they are logged in using the OTP.

If you are using the app or program without logging in, then this might be the reason for the error code showing up. Power cycle the TV box or the device you are playing on and then log in using your OTP. This might help with the error code.

Fix 4: Change the language of the audio on the app

On the app, there are certain unconventional solutions you can try to get rid of the error code 1.

These solutions might not exactly make sense in isolation but they have helped many users with the buffering of the app. 

Launch the audio menu on the app and change the output language. Refresh the app and then try again to play the video that you were playing. 

After the issue is solved, you can change the language back to the original one that you had in the first place.

Fix 5: Clear the data on the app

The data that is related to the app also includes unimportant data like the app cache and cookies.

This data is helpful in the short run when the information does not need to be repeatedly entered into the app every time you launch. However, when you do not clean this data, it piles on over time and can cause issues with the device’s memory.

Clear the app cache and cookies, refresh the device memory, and then log in again. This solves the problem for most users.

Fix 6: Reinstall the app after deleting

The app might have some issues that are related to some missing files. Some files might still be present but be broken or corrupted.

The solution to get rid of the issue is to delete the app and then reinstall it. This will replace the files that are broken or corrupt. Also, the files that have gone missing from the app database will be regenerated.

Fix 7: Contact the Jiocinema support team

The Jiocinema support team can help you in situations where you cannot figure out what to do with certain error codes on the platform.

Considering that there isn’t much information available about Jiocinema error 1, it is a good idea to contact the support team. 

They will generate a support ticket and explain what issue is causing the error on your device. It will make clear what needs to be done in order to solve the issue.

To conclude

The Jiocinema error 1 is not an error code with much information available on the internet. We dug out the most helpful solutions on the internet that have helped other users get rid of the issue.

We hope that the solutions helped you get rid of the error code. Keep following for more technical advice. 

Happy Streaming!!

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