Kanvas camera v/s Native camera

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Kanvas Camera Vs Native Camera

We are not talking about the attributes of a physical camera in this article. We are instead discussing two impeccable camera apps by Verizon media.

These apps are advanced photo editing software made for phones so that you can edit your gram pictures on the go.

No doubt both Kanvas camera and Native Camera are great apps and offer some great features but they are also distinct and have their own pros and cons.

In this article, we will be sharing the comparisons on  Kanvas Camera v/s Native Camera. Based on user reviews we will also share what makes these apps so popular and beneficial.

So let’s get started.

What exactly is the purpose of these apps?

Before we discuss any features, we should take a look at what we are actually looking for. What should be the features of a great photo editing app and what can we expect when it comes to these apps.

These two apps are expected to help you with not only storage but also editing the photos that are stored on the app. You do not need to learn photoshop to do the basic retouching of your pictures before posting them anywhere. 

In today’s world where pictures speak a thousand words, the vocabulary should be brushed up with the photo editing apps. 

This is well, the basic purpose of both apps. Now let us discuss each app in isolation to understand what better suits you.

Kanvas Camera App

What are the various features on this app that you should be excited about picking this one and not any other app in the market?

We will discuss this in this section.

  • You can use the photos directly from the phone storage and no additional downloads are needed to be able to edit the pictures already on your camera roll.
  • This is the latest version of the app as it can be found on the latest Verizon update. It has all the new features that are available in the market for users to edit their pictures.
  • You also get the app with all the features of Verizon media already added.
  • The app is enhanced and developed for Instagram. Users use Instagram for leisure as well as business needs and this is why it is of great help.
  • You can upload the pictures on the app directly to Instagram. As this application aims for photo optimization for social media, this is a great added feature.
  • As the name suggests, it also provides you with a canvas. This is a blank slate for creative people to use in their way.
  • The app allows you to create GIFs and drawings that can be shared directly over social media platforms.
  • The drawings and GIFs that you create using the canvas feature also can be used in the comments not just for sharing.
  • There are not all the photos that you want others to see. Privacy is important and is taken care of by this application. The “your eyes only” option on the app helps you to put a lock on certain images that you want to keep private.
  • The online backup on this application is also impeccable and you get tons of storage space.
  • You can only use this app on Android. It is not available on iOS yet.

The distinguishing feature of the Kanvas Camera

The canvas feature where you can create your own drawings and GIFs to showcase your creativity.

Native Camera

Let us see what are the features that make the Native Camera app unique and appealing. We will also discuss what are the features that make the native camera app different than the Kanvas camera app.

  • You will see the focus of the app shift from making pictures ready for social media to taking pictures and recording videos.
  • You will not see as many editing features on the app as many features you will see for great pictures and video recordings.
  • You can use the taken pictures in any form of communication that you want to. The app is also updated with Verizon media. The photos and videos taken from the app are stored in the Verizon media folder directly for further storage and editing.
  • If you want your camera to offer more professional features for taking photos, this is the app for you. There are many added features that will enhance the quality of your images and videos without having to shell out money for a new professional camera.
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS interfaces which is great for the widening of the user base.
  • You get great features to control the aperture of the camera, focus, and even the lighting that illuminates your photos and videos.

Which one is better? Kanvas camera v/s Native camera

Both the camera apps are better in their own way. There is no comparison that can be drawn between the two. 

If you have an iPhone though, you cannot use the Kanvas camera. The only application that you have available for you on iOS is Native Camera.

If you are looking for editing pictures and polishing them for upload on social media, then the Kanvas camera is the correct bet. If you are looking for taking better pictures with professional tools, then the native camera is for you.


This article has established the fact that the Kanvas Camera and the Native Camera are both great pieces of technology. Not one is better than the other. It just depends on what you need the app for that will make one of them more suitable for you.

As discussed, if your purpose is to take great pictures and record great videos, then the Native Camera is your tool and if you just want to make your pictures more appealing, create drawings and GIFs on a canvas, then there is no better tool than Kanvas camera for you.

We hope that we were able to correctly distinguish the features for you to make a decision.

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