What Are The Key Benefits (Features) Of Web Stories For WordPress Plugin?

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Web Stories For WordPress is simply a plugin for WordPress based websites which helps you to create and share Web Stories as peoples do on social media.

Google is working on this project to make their platform more user engaging. Google is the no:1 search engine, and peoples visit here to search for their query. But they do not spend as much of their daily time, as they do on Social Media.

So by adding this new content form “Web Stories,” Google wants the users to engage more with their platform.

Now heads up to the main topic, which is features of Web Stories For WordPress.

What Are The Key Benefits (Features) Of Stories For WordPress Plugin?

Drag & Drop

Creating web stories with the plugin is really simple because it is based on drag & Drop. You just need to be creative in terms of selecting information and graphics. Rest is easy with the plugin. Users are not required to do any kind of coding, just drag media, add some texts, and your web story is done.

Use In Plugin Media Or Upload Your Own

Users have the option to use in plugin media, or they can upload media from their local storage. The plugin contains a really amazing collection of pictures which perfectly fits the template.  If you are not satisfied with the in Plugin Media, then you have the option to upload from your local storage. So it all depends on you.

Thing You Can Do With Web Stories For WordPress

Easily Shareable & Embeddable

Web Stories belong to the open web, so you can easily share or embed it to your websites. 

Supports Analytics

Yes, you can set up analytics for the Web Stories to track progress and user behavior. So you can correct errors if you have and improve your stories for the future. 

Mobile Friendly

According to the recent stats, Google is used more on mobile over PC. That is why they are now more focused on mobile users. Web Stories are completely focused on mobile devices, and that is why they load fast to improve the mobile browsing experience and user engagement.

Easy Way Of Storytelling & Sharing Information

The majority of the information over Google is wrapped into the texts, some really good lengthy texts. Today we are living in the age of apps like Facebook & TikTok, where users see content in graphical form, and they are engaging.

That is why Google comes with the Web Stories; they are one of the simplest ways of Storytelling and sharing information with attracting images, Animation, Videos, Audios & texts. 

Support All Kind Of Media

Not just images and texts, instead you can make web stories with all kinds of media like Images, Texts, Audio, Videos, & Animations.

Google is trying to make the web stories attractive and engaging, so they are adding all possible features which will help content creators to make stunning content.

Support Ads & Affiliates Links

To make sure content creators also make money, Web Stories support Web Stories Ads. Also, content creators can add affiliates links or any other kind of promotional links.

Support Animations

The plugin also supports animation, but this feature will be added with the final release. Google Just launched the beta version, so you are not going to use animation until the final release.