Useful Kizoa Tips To Make Creative Videos For Business

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Kizoa is an online video editor well known in the beginner video editing industry. It is best suited for beginners and professionals alike. It comes with various templates, slideshows, transitions, and effects for you to use and showcase your video message in the best possible way.

Kizoa Tips To Make Creative Videos For Business

How to use Kizoa to make creative videos for your business?

Users can sign in to Kizoa and choose a free or a premium plan. The free plan is for beginners who are new to the world of video editing and can make do with basic editing tools while the premium plan is for professional video editors.

The premium plans provide access to advanced facilities and are best suited for professionals such as business owners, educators, and learners.

Suppose you are looking to make tutorial videos for your YouTube channel or your tutoring business. In that case, Kizoa is the best platform for making videos according to your needs and goals.

You should give the basic free account a try and understand the platform and the video editing tool before you invest in the premium plan. 

some pros of Kizoa video editor; 

  • Easy customisation – Details like timing, size, duration, and position details can be easily customised according to your personal and business needs. There are features to personalise animation and text tools as well. 
  • Easy start – You don’t have to worry about the hassle of signing up, registering, and creating an account. You can get started and get creating right away. 
  • Customisable aspect ratios – You can adjust the aspect ratio of videos.
  • Free options – Kizoa is one of the few online video editors offering free editing services with basic editing tools. 

You are skipping out on many business opportunities by not including videos to boost your business. It is not surprising that video is slowly making its mark on the marketing world and taking over traditional marketing tactics. Although video marketing is an essential aspect of growing your reach, it is more than just a marketing tool. 

six ways how video can boost your business 

1. Introduction to you and your business 

If you are new to video marketing, then introducing yourself, your business, and what you do is where you need to start.

People are visual animals, and instead of telling them what you do, you might as well just show them! Especially when your business has a lot of procedures and steps and is difficult for the audience to understand, you can use audio, animation, and graphs to make the introduction easier for you.

Your audience is more likely to understand your message through visual format than a written or audio format. 

Start by including an introductory video such as. “About us”, or “What we do.” You can talk to your audience about their problems and how your business provides them with an easy solution.

You show that you care about your audience and customers by addressing their concerns. Showcase what you have to offer and talk about your brand values and culture. By doing this, you will be building a relationship of trust with your audience. 

2. Build a brand and establish trust 

Video is more engaging, and your audience is more likely to connect and engage with you when you start incorporating videos in your business.

It nurtures personal connections and helps your audience feel closer to you. Although videos are beneficial, using written media in tandem with videos will reap great results.

Balancing will make your company look like an industry expert and build trust between your viewers, audience, and customers. Customers are more likely to buy and invest in businesses that know what they are doing and have immense knowledge in their field. 

3. Make demonstration videos 

For example, you are running a business that has just launched a new product; a new hair curler that gives heatless waves. You will need to make a video on how your product can be used.

This is where you hire industry experts or people well known in the beauty industry to demonstrate and help market your product.

Videos can be used to help shoppers understand your products and how your product provides some value and solutions to their problems, highlighting how a product makes their life easier.

You can come up with tutorials, product reviews, unboxing, and how-to videos to introduce a new product and explains its features and uses.

Such videos provide answers to questions that your target audience might have before buying your product. It helps them decide if your product is worth their time and investment. 

4. Use social media 

More and more people are using social media to help make their buying decisions. Hire and use well-known niche-specific social media influencers for marketing your product.

Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter give businesses a platform to market their business by creating ads. You can reach the right audience by making promotional videos and including industry-related keywords in captions.

Social media is also a form of word-of-mouth marketing. Seeing their favourite influencers use your product, your target audience is more likely to trust and invest in your brand. Your influencers can also make testimonial videos to give your target audience evidence of product satisfaction.

Video is one of the most authentic and engaging forms of marketing, and including it on social media platforms will be even more helpful and help you reach the right type of audience.

5. Make a behind the scenes video 

Behind the scenes, videos help your audience build familiarity with your brand and business. These kinds of videos should be completely unfiltered and can include fun and goofy videos of your employees while at work.

Behind the scenes, videos help your customers connect with you and also showcase brand personality and values. It shows that you are not always serious and formal and can be fun and interesting. 

The bottom line is you need to put effort and consistency into making videos for your business. Video marketing is taking off, and you need to get started to keep up with competitors in the industry.

Do not worry, you can start as a beginner and pick up the skills with consistency and practice. Make use of the fact that most of the population is online and makes their buying decisions based on what they view online.

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