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Here in this post, I am going to mention all of the latest newly launched tech products which can help you to make your personal or business work a little easier.

By this post, we are not providing any kind of recommendation; it’s just that we are listing all of the recently launched tech products/apps/software which we like.

In this post, you can find all of the latest innovations in tech, and I hope you will like some of them or maybe also use them.

Also, we are not reviewing any of these products; we are just sharing the product along with the information provided by them on their official site.

Latest In Tech

List Newly Launched Tech Product 2022

41. Bardeen

Bardeen saves you time by automating repetitive tasks with a shortcut. It combines a powerful workflow builder, AI-based recommendations, and contextual automations. There are hundreds of automations for the most common workflows. Try them, customize them, or use them to inspire your own.

40. Ark7

Browse a list of curated, income-generating properties in top markets across the U.S. and diversify your portfolio. Get all the details you need about a property to make informed decisions. Location information, financial data, disclosures, documents: it’s all there.

39. NimBus

Nimbus delivers cloud dev environments pre-configured for your project on-demand. This means more coding and less waiting and configuring. Nimbus delivers a pre-configured dev machine ready for code. Scale from 1 to 100 engineers overnight without any additional dev environment set up.

38. SocialChamp

Manage multiple social accounts, create posts with images or videos, organize incoming messages, improve ROI, track analytics, generate reports, simplify and automate the content creation process with Social Champ.​

37. June

June comes with flexible time-saving templates, so your team can move fast while making sure they are highly customized on its needs. Get the best practices from the companies you love, turned into delightful templates that are two clicks away. So you can spend more time building product and not wrangling with dashboards.

36. Vajro

Build a mobile app for your Shopify store in 60 minutes. Yep, it’s that easy! With Simple drag-and-drop elements, you can customize the app exactly how you want it to be. It usually takes less than an hour to get your app ready to be published because everything is in perfect sync with your Shopify store.

35. Screegle

Screegle lets you share your entire screen, but only with the windows you want. The result is a clean, uncluttered «virtual desktop» that looks professional, doesn’t send private information, and never shows notifications during your online meetings.

34. BgRem

Remove video background totally automatically, and add a new one.

33. Crypto Jobs List 3.0

The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs. Discover over 2148+ open Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs on Crypto Jobs List — the #1 site to find and post jobs. Connect with companies hiring in a few clicks and begin your next experience in the industry.

32. Filestar

Your new file automation tool. Tens of thousands of skills at your fingertips. Quickly convert files in a few clicks. Choose from over 30 000 file conversions. Both common and unusual file formats. Single files or in bulk.

31. CutCam

Hair clippers with a rear-view camera to cut your own hair at home like a pro.

30. Subcap

Add auto-generated subtitles to videos on mobile in minutes. Subcap allows you to convert the speech in your videos to text. It combines the text with your video as a subtitle. Thus, even if the video is watched silently, the audience can understand what the video tells.

29. searchable.Ai

Stop wasting 20% of your workweek clicking through emails, chats, cloud and local storage for the files you need. Introducing – one search for all your files.


Smart link preview popups for your website. makes your website visitors happy & engaged, so that they have no reason to leave. Hover over the hyperlinks here to see how it looks. Click on video & audio links to get the immersive preivew. Works on any website, blog & e-commerce store.

27. Airtable Interface Designer

Create interfaces right from your Airtable bases, no code required. With Interface Designer, even your most complex data becomes accessible, actionable, and shareable. Use drag-and-drop elements to design a completely custom interface. Surface all the information your team needs, and nothing they don’t.

26. WPFunnels

Use WPFunnels to create high converting landing pages, sales funnels, and checkout flows in minutes. WPFunnels is the very first canvas-based, drag and drop sales funnel builder for WordPress that anyone can use Without any prior funnel-building experience.

25. Snapcall for LiveChat

Invite your customers to a voice call with a single click. Without phone numbers, additional apps, special equipment. Voice calls happen inside the chat widget. Assist your customers on their buying journey. Share your screen and walk them through the product description or support during the purchase process.

24. Stringmark

Stringmark is an extremely easy-to-use browser extension that allows you to save URLs and texts that are relevant to you. It is basically a bookmark feature but way more precise and efficient so that you can boost your researching skills.

23. Pippo

On macOS the Picture in Picture video player does not have seek backwards and forwards controls. I use those a lot on iOS so I wanted to have them on macOS as well. Pippo adds seeking controls to your Picture in Picture window!

22. Menuffy

Create a digital menu for your restaurant and share it with a QR code that your guests can scan. Your restaurant gets a custom subdomain to access all your menus from different locations are listed. They provide you with unlimited printable QR codes that your customers can scan.

21. MicMonster

Most affordable AI text to speech tool that sound unbelievably realistic. Every script needs a different kind of speaker… a different emotion. MicMonster includes both male & female speakers with their own way of speaking and multiple emotions to choose from.

20. Recurring

Recurring helps your company stakeholders track your recurring software expenses, usage, and efficiency without waiting for accounting reports. We help you monitor and predict your SaaS spend. Our centrilized dashboard helps you control and oversee your invoice data and team expenses, and gives you smart recommendations to optimize your monthly spend.

19. Scout by Conversion Crimes

See & hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site, FREE. They record their screens and document their reactions as they browse around. You see and hear what it’s like to be inside their heads as they see it for the first time.

18. Ayro UI 2.0

Bootstrap UI Component Snippets for Modern Web App and Landing Page. Bootstrap HTML5 UI Library, Snippets, Components and Toolkit for Creating Fast & Responsive – Landing Pages, Templates, or Websites by Copy-Pasting Blocks. Library of 300+ Beautiful and Essential – UI Components, Snippets, Blocks, Pages, and Templates That You Can Use to Create Complete Site Without Coding or Design from Scratch.

17. Cooldown

Quickly toggle Low Power Mode on your Mac from the menubar. In macOS Monterey Apple introduced a new Low Power Mode for Mac. Cooldown is a simple menu bar app that allows you to quickly toggle Low Power Mode on and off.

16. Ssshape

This tool allows to create organic-looking blob-like shapes. All you have to do is draw a few points, click on ssshape and the tool will take take of drawing a smooth shape around those points.

15. Spark

This is a community for people with social anxiety, where we advise exposure therapy in real life, gradually. This proven method works for all visual phobias – therefore it also works for social anxiety ( Proven in multitudes of psychological examinations ).

Research shows that exposure therapy is the #1 way of getting rid of all phobias, including social ones. Remember when you were a child, and you were afraid of something? How did you cure it? You got exposed to it. The same principle works as an adult, only that it needs more commitment.

14. Website Metadata

Website Metadata provides a complete set of the available metadata associated with any given URL. The API returns metadata like name, description, preview image, author, ratings, Twitter meta, Open Graph meta, or any other available meta for the given website.

13. Mockover

The easiest way to create custom mockups to present your product. All in the web browser. There are billions of images available on the web.

Turn any of them into a professional mockup to present your product. Choose from multiple post-processing options to produce an authentic, professional looking mockup.

12. Google’s Dev Library

Welcome to Dev Library, a platform to showcase the projects and articles that developers have built with Google technologies. Browse, learn, or submit your own!

11. Tupple

The virtual friend that helps you express yourself and connect with a new community. The world’s first vertical + horizontal social feed allows you to create together as a collective sharing different videos, photos, and perspectives on the same post.

10. JVerify

JVerify is an effortless, secure, and reliable phone number verification service (VaaS) designed to make it easier to create a more reliable web. Protect your services and enable next-generation communication capabilities with your customers.

9. ChannelSync

Create a SEO friendly online forum from your best Discord Threads and grow your community. Services like Discord have created a barrier for information openess.

Only members of your community can access your content. ChannelSync remove barriers and give you the option to choose what content should be reserved for your community and what’s open to the public on the World Wide Web.

8. Sparks

Meet Sparks, the app based on personality to help you find travel mates perfectly matched. 

7. Roasting Vibe

Roasting Vibe is a Simple WebApp that let you roast your friends digitally! You can just go and type your friends name.. Then Generate roast and publish it and grab the link! Share it and have fun xD. There is also an awesome option called trigger too!

6. Gratitude Journal

Three Lines Diary is a minimalist gratitude journal. It is designed to be a simple and easy to use diary. Open the app every day to record three good things, your daily affirmation and thoughts on how to make tomorrow a great days.

5. Task7

The easiest way to manage and follow your tasks.

4. Unscan

Scanning of user-submitted content made simple. Stop manually scanning files and users content, save time. Tired of having people uploading NSFW material? We too.

Use our API to easily scan for adult material without having to look at the content yourself. You upload the file, we’ll do the rest. We use an open-source model for scanning the content.

3. Mildd: Sounds to Sleep

Mildd is an app made for you to connect with nature, providing the deepest relaxation, reducing the level of stress and anxiety and helping to combat insomnia. Increase your focus and productivity with beautiful natural sounds.

2. collAnon

The discussion platform based on short anonymity. People and companies use collAnon to have discussions based on temporary anonymity, where the focus is on what is answered instead of who is answering. 


Fan re-make of discontinued word game, Wordbase.

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