How to fix Lazy Spa Error Code E02?

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If you ask me, then Lazy Spa can easily be considered one of the most sought-after and popular mini Hot Tubs out there. However, just because it is considered one of the best hot tub products in the market today, does not really mean it is immune to errors or issues.

From time to time, issues and errors in any device, even the best, may just be something inevitable. And since, you are already here reading the following article on, “How to fix Lazy Spa Error Code E02?”. My guess is that you have already come across such an error and need a solution at the earliest.

And thus, without wasting any more of your valuable time. Let us straight away jump to the most important topics needed to solve the issue by yourself, easily and without much hassle.

Why is Lazy Spa showing Error Code E02?

Now, before we straight away head to the solutions and steps to fix the particular Error Code E02 on your Lazy Spa.

I believe it is equally important that we first figure out where the source or cause of the problem might be.

Because, once you figure out why the Error Code E02 is occurring in the first place, will you be able to deal with the problem much efficiently and also prevent it from coming any time sooner.

Hence, let us have a quick peek at what some of the root causes of the problem might be.

Reason 1: Filters may be dirty

This may be considered one of the most common reasons or root causes out there, responsible for the Error Code E02 to show up on your Lazy Spa device. 

If you use the device on a regular basis or do not have a completely clean water source at your place. Then, chances are that your filter may become dirty more frequently than expected.

If so, then you should try cleaning your filters on a regular basis, so as to avoid such errors from occurring frequently.

Reason 2: Debris screen may be blocked or clogged

The main purpose of the debris screen on your device is to filter out the water into your hot tub device and catch any kind of debris from going into the tub.

If you live in a place, where the water coming to your house is rich in minerals like lime or calcium. Then, chances are that this problem may be more common and can occur more frequently.

Reason 3: Water Level inside the tub may be incorrect

Instead of a serious cause. I would say this is just a simple and careless mistake. There may be times when the amount of water inside the tub may be below the minimum level. 

In such cases, the water level sensor may not be able to detect the water properly. Hence, giving way to such an error code to pop up. 

Thus, here I believe the solution is pretty straightforward and simple. All you need to do here is fill up the water inside the tub to a level between the Maximum and Minimum levels and you should be good to go. 

Reason 4: Device Flow Sensors may not be working properly

Your device flow sensors may stop working due to a number of reasons. Leaving aside any kind of hardware damage issues, your device flow sensors may also work abnormally if you somehow leave the stopper caps on the spa liner while running the pump. 

And similarly, here too I believe the solution is pretty straight forward. Simply, remove the stopper caps, switch off and on the power supply and press on the reset button. This should help you solve the error message, if it is not something more critical.

Reason 5: Water Flow Issues

If there is an issue with the flow of water in your device. Then, that too might add up to such an error message to show up on your device from time to time.

If so, then you should check for the pressure of water flow at your place and get a full thermal reset done now and then.

Reason 6: Damaged washers

Any kind of physical damage to the washers installed inside the tubs as well as the pumping machine may result in the error code 02 to show up on your Lady Spa device indicator. Usually the washers can be found within each of the coupling inside the 3 pump connections.

In such cases, if the washers are damaged or worn out due to the course of time or any other reasons. Then, it is best to get them replaced with new ones.

Reason 7: Filter Housing Issue

Since, the tubs most often have to deal with warm water on a day to day basis. It is just obvious that the filter housing, which is mostly plastic material being subjected to warm water may contract and expand to eventually wear down. 

There is also a chance that the housing itself may be blocked. If so, then it is best to unblock the housing pipes or replace them if damaged.

Reason 8: Bent or Damaged Pipes

If for some reason, the liner pipes in the lazy spa device have been bent or physically damaged giving way to leakage and improper flow of water. Then, this may too be a reason for such an error message to show up. 

Here, if the error is showing up for a bent pipe. Then, simply placing the pipe properly and leaving them unbent should be able to solve the issue. 

However, if the pipes have been damaged. Then, replacing them with newer pipes may be the best solution.

How to fix Lazy Spa Error Code E02?

Now, once you have figured out where the problem is coming from. Next, you should be able to deal with it by using the corresponding solutions needed to solve that particular issue and check whether the problem could be solved after doing so. 

NOTE: Before you go on troubleshooting the problem with each of the methods as shown below. It is important that you restart your pump after each of the solutions if implemented. Here, if your pump has got a PRCD plug. Then, it is ideal that you reset, test and reset after each solution as listed below.

Fix 1: Wash and clean Dirty Filters

In order to clean or wash your Lazy Spa filters. All you need to do is simply follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, unscrew and remove the filter housing from the spa.
  • Next, remove the filter and clean it with warm water. Here, you can also use a soft brush wherever necessary. 
  • Lastly, leave the filter to dry up properly before reinstalling it back to the hot tub. After doing it check to see whether the error still persists. 

Here, for some reason if the filter itself is worn out or damaged. Then, you can replace it with a newer one by purchasing it here.

Fix 2: Check for damage or cracks on the Filter Housing

Here, all you need to do is simply inspect and check for any kind of damage or cracks inside the housing and replace it with a newer one if that is the case. 

  • Firstly, turn off the spa unit and remove the filter housing.
  • Then, remove the filter from the housing and inspect it properly.
  • Give it a proper clean to get rid of any dirt or debris if not damaged. And re-install it back to its original position. 
  • However, if the housing is damaged or cracked anywhere. Then, replace it with a new one from here.

Fix 3: Clean and remove any kind of debris from Debris Filter

To clean the debris filter, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, switch off the device and remove the filter housing. 
  • Then, place the stopper caps to the inside of the tub and remove the spa pump thereafter from the liner.
  • After removing the pump. Empty the tub entirely of water.
  • Then, remove the stopper caps and push in fresh water with the help of a hose placed at the hose. 
  • Do this for each and every debris screen for at least 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use a brush to remove dirt from the screen if they do not get removed easily.
  • It is also advised that you use any good quality stain remover like Bestway’s ClearWater Scale Stain remover. This not only helps maintain the pH level of the water in your hut tub, but also takes care of even the most stubborn of debris.

Fix 4: Check if the water flow is flowing properly

There are times, when the water flows through the filter housing may not flow in as it should. This may be due to less pressure in the water force or simply due to a piping problem and so on. 

Now, in order to solve such an issue, you may try the steps as shown below:

  • Turn off the spa device
  • Next, remove the filter housing away from the hot tub and do a full reset on the pump as well as the PRCD.
  • Then, turn the device back on and run it with heating as well as the filtering system. See whether doing this helps resolve the issue and the error gets resolved. 

NOTE: It is important to note here that if the Error Code E02 comes back after 2 to 3 hours of working properly. Then, the problem might actually lie in a faulty or damaged filter housing black membrane. If that is the case, then it is better to get the filter housing component replaced with a newer one.

Fix 5: Check and replace damaged washers

Although this is pretty uncommon, there may be times when a worn out washer at the end of each coupling might lead to the error message E02 showing up on your device indicator screens. In such cases, if the washers are worn out or damaged badly. Then, it is best to get new ones and replace the old ones. 

For this, you can follow the steps as listed below:

  • Here, once again you will first need to place the stopper caps inside the spa. 
  • Then, remove the pump away by detaching the pipes connected to the tub.
  • Next, check for any kind of damage to the washers inside the couplings. Here, you can also unscrew the couplings to get a better look at the washers as well as replace them if necessary. 

Once the washers have been properly fixed back again. See whether the error still persists or not.


Hence, in this way in order to solve the Error Code E02 in your Lazy Spa hot tub, you can follow the steps such as Washing and cleaning Dirty Filter, Checking for damage or cracks within the Filter Housing, Removing debris from Debris Filter, Checking Water flow and Checking & replacing washers when necessary. 

However, if for some reason the cause of the error is a more serious one and cannot get resolved with the fixes as mentioned above. Then, it would be best if you contact Lazy Spa’s official HelpDesk directly for their assistance.    

Moreover, if the error is caused due to an issue with the sensor circuit or device within the spa device. Then, in such cases taking the help of tech support from Lazy Spa’s end might be the best option. 

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