How To Fix League Of Legends Client Not Opening issue on Windows 10?

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League of legends not opening issue Solved

League of Legends is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games online, and it is loved by the games all around the world, but the windows users sometimes are disappointed with the developers due to an issue they are facing.

Sometimes on Windows PC “League of legends not opening” is the issue users are facing. What happens during this error is the Launcher is opened but when you click on launch to start the game, launcher closes but the League of Legends game is not started.

If you are facing a similar kind of League of Legends launch issue then you have landed at the right place, in this article we have explained the issue in detail and easy ways to fix League of Legends client not opening issue.

Why is League of Legends not opening?

If you are wondering why League of legends is not opening on your system when the developers state that the game is completely compatible with windows PC, it’s because of some small issues with your PC, following are some of the possible reasons that makes league of legends client to not open.

  • Your Firewall settings might be blocking League of Legends from launching.
  • Improper DNS Settings can cause a problem in your internet connectivity and cause the issue of League of legends not launching.
  • Issues with the installation or some application files might have got corrupted.
  • Another instance or a background process of League of Legends is already running that is blocking the launch of a new game.
  • Issues with League of Legends Server, in this case, it should be fixed by the developers of game as soon as possible.

These are some of the common problems that can cause League of legends launching problem, you can fix this issue by yourself easily by following the given solutions below, the solution 1 is reported to be solving the problem of most users who are facing this error on Windows 10.

How To Fix If League of Legends not Opening?

We have listed all the possible solutions to the issue of LOL Client not opening below, before trying any make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and the issue is not with your router or your connection.

Solution 1 – Close all the Process of LOL

Some background processes of League of legends that were not closed the last time you launched LOL can cause the error of League of Legends not opening, so open the taskbar and END all the processes related to LOL to fix this problem, follow the steps given below to do so.

Step 1: Right-click on your Taskbar and click on “Task Manager” from the options.
Step 2: In the Taskbar, make sure to End the processes named “LoLLauncher.exe“, “LoLClient.exe” and any other process that has LOL or league of legends in its name.
Step 3: After you have Ended all the background processes successfully, launch the League of Legends again and check if the error is solved.

This solved the issue for most of the League of Legends players, if it did not work for you don’t give up, follow the other solutions given below it might solve your error.

Solution 2 – Launch LOL from directory

Many League of Legends players found that the corrupted desktop shortcut file can cause this error, and so launching it directly from the installed directory can solve this issue, steps to follow are given below.

Step 1: Go My Computer and navigate to “C://” Drive
Step 2: Open “Riot Games” folder and open “League of legends” folder inside it.
Step 3: Right-click on “LeagueClient.exe” and select “Run as Administrator” option to launch LOL with Administrator privileges.

If the League of Legends not opening issue still persists after applying this solution, follow the next method and check if its solved by it.

Solution 3 – Edit users.cfg file

Users.cfg is a configuration file of League of Legends and some fault in it can cause the LOL client not Opening error, follow the steps given below exactly to fix it.

Step 1: Go to the installation directory of League of Legends, by right-clicking on the desktop shortcut and selecting “Open file location” option.
Step 2: In the LOL Directory get into the “/RADS/System” directory.
Step 3: Find the “User.cfg” file in the system folder and open it with notepad.
Step 4: In the Notepad find “leagueClientOptIn = yes” and change it to “leagueClientOptIn = no” and save the file.
Step 5: Launch the League of legends Client now and again go back to the LOL installation Directory and delete the “LeagueClient.exe” file.
Step 6: Now from the LOL Installation directory Open “lol.launcher.exe” application.

This will surely fix your problem and launch League of legends perfectly, but in case if even this solution is not working for you, then we have listed some more of the solutions that are reported to fix the League of Legends not opening issue by the users.

Some more Fix to League of Legends not opening issue

  • Re-install: Re-installation of League of legends client fixes the problem for some users, make sure to uninstall the existing version of LOL from your PC through “Add or Remove Programs” option in Control panel and install the latest version of LOL from the official website.
  • Graphic card Drivers: Sometimes the graphic card drivers can cause the issue, and removing any Graphic card driver from your PC and rebooting the system will automatically install a new updated version of graphic card in your system, try this and check if it solves the issue for you.
  • Conflicting Applications: If you are running any other gaming client like steam in the background, End all those processes with the help of task manager, steam is reported to conflict with LOL, blocking it from launching.
  • Whitelist in Firewall Settings: It is possible that your Windows firewall settings are blocking league of legends from opening, go to your firewall settings and add League of legends in the whitelist to solve this issue.


We are sure you solved the “League of legends not opening” issue with the help of this article, if you have any queries to ask us, you can leave your questions in the comments section below.

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