How To Fix LG TV Error Code 106?

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In this article, we will discuss the LG TV error code 106.

As per our research the error code 106 is listed as an internet connectivity issue. There are many features of the smart TV that need an active fast internet connection for working. If the connection is broken due to some reason, you may witness this error.

How to solve the LG TV error code 106?

Fix 1: Check the speed of your internet connection

When facing internet trouble, the first step to take is to test the intensity of the issue that you are facing.

You can do this by testing the speed and stability of the internet connection. This is a very easy step to take. Go to Google and type internet speed meter in the search bar. From the list of tools that you find, click on the one at the top of the list.

Run an internet connection test. The tool will send pings to your internet connection and determine the upload and download speed. You will also get a little detail about what your connection can and cannot run.

If you find that the internet connection is unstable and slow, talk to your internet service provider.

Fix 2: Check all the network cables

When you are running your internet with the help of a wired connection, you need to make sure that the wires connected to the router, modem, and in this case, the LG TV are connected securely.

If the wires are loose, you will have trouble staying connected to the internet. If you have your wires in a position where they commonly sway, you might need to get cable protectors and put them in a more stable position.

Also, look for broken and damaged wires in the circuit. Replace them if you find any. If you do not replace broken wires in a circuit, you are risking electrocution and even fire hazards.

Fix 3: Power cycle the router

There are many technical snags both big and small that can affect the performance of the router.

These technical snags can be straightened out through a simple power cycling exercise. Turn off the router and unplug it from the power source. Remove all the other connection wires from it as well.

Wait for a while, reconnect the wires to the router, and turn it back on. This will remove the technical issues with the router.

Fix 4: Power cycle the LG TV

The same technical issues that can show up with the router might also show up on the TV. these technical glitches can be sorted if we allow the TV a fresh start. 

This does not always mean a factory reset. Before you even think of a factory reset, always try a session of power cycling.

This is the solution that helps many users get rid of the issues on their technical devices.

Fix 5: Change the DNS address on the TV

The Domain Name System is an important criterion for the internet connection to continue on the device that you select.

If the DNS settings on the LG TV are messed up, you will find that the internet connection will be rejected and you will see a no network connection available warning.

Here is how you can change the DNS settings on the LG TV.

  • Launch the Settings menu
  • From the options seen on the left pane, select Network
  • Click on the WiFi connection
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • You will see the details of the WiFi connection that you are using. Scroll down and click on Edit.
  • Remove the check from the Set Automatically option
  • Now in the column for the DNS address, enter
  • Now click on Connect

This shall help you with all the DNS-related issues on your TV.

Fix 6: Add the MAC address assigned to your TV to the router’s directory

When using routers and modems for internet connections, people prefer to add a setting that only allows connection for the devices present on the wishlist.

If you have this setting on, you will need to enter the MAC address of the LG TV into the router’s directory.

Here is how you can get this process completed.

  • Log in to the router by entering your admin credentials.
  • Launch the Control Panel of the router after you log in.
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click on the Whitelist option
  • Click on Add MAC address
  • Enter the MAC address of the LG TV
  • Save the changes.

This shall help with the identification of the TV through the router and the issue for connection might get resolved.

Fix 7: Update the firmware on the LG TV

There is a need to update the TV to the latest version of the firmware to remain compatible with the technology that is in sync with your TV.

If you do not download the latest firmware update for your LG TV, you are exposing your device to compatibility issues. 

When you face the error code 106, check for new updates on the TV’s firmware. If you find a new version, download it.

Fix 8: Contact the LG TV official support team

If none of the above solutions have helped you, you will need the help of someone who specializes in the functions of the TV.

This is where the support team comes in. Register a ticket with the official support team and they will help you with more technical solutions that can help get rid of the issue.

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