How To Fix lg washer error code Ie?

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lg washer error code Ie

IE error code simply indicates that the washer is unable to fill the water. If you are a user of LG Washer and you get an error code IE on your washer then there can be multiple reasons for this. In this article, we will look into major causes and solutions for this issue.

Possible Reasons For The LG Washer Error Code IE?

  • You are using the machine during cold weather conditions where the water can freeze in the supply.
  • Both hot and cold water taps are not open.
  • There are clogged inlets that are halting the power supply.

Best fixes for Error Code IE on LG Washer

Fix 1: Cold weather conditions

  • If you are using the machine in cold and freezing weather conditions then this error can commonly occur.
  • Cold weather can freeze the water and all water lines get frozen which leads to a halt in the water supply to the machine.
  • In such conditions use hot water and also keep your machine in a fully closed room to keep it warm.

Fix 2: Reinstall the Drain Hose Correctly

  • You need to clip the end of the hose into an elbow bracket.
  • Now you need to connect the elbow bracket within 4 inches of the drain hose. If you are using a drain hose more than 4 inches then mold or microorganisms can spread inside your washer.
  • Now you need to insert the drain hose into the standpipe.
  • Then secure the place of the hose using a tie strap.

Fix 3: Make Sure Both The Supply Taps Are Open

  • For better functioning, cold and hot water taps should be open. So go and check if both hot and cold water taps are fully open. If not then this is the reason why you are getting this IE error code on your washer.
  • Open both the taps fully and check its supply also. Now use the machine and check if the error has gone or not.

Fix 4: Kinked or Damaged Inlet Hoses

  • If your inlet Hoses are damaged then it may disturb the water supply.
  • So go and check water lines and make sure there are no kinks or damages, if you see any clean them right away or replace it with a new one.
  • Once cleaned or replaced, check the water supplies and error code IE which must have gone.

Fix 5: Clogged Inlet Filters:

  • Turn off both the water supplies hot/cold, and the valve or tap.
  • Then remove the water inlet hoses.
  • Carry a basket to drain out the remaining water from the hoses.
  • Bring out the inlet filters on the inlet valves, there should be no deposits of minerals or debris or rust that may be clogging the supply.
  • If filters are clogged then clean them properly, or you can replace them with new ones for better performance.
  • Once done run the machine with water supplies and check if it’s working fine or not.

Fix 6: Using FloodSafe Hose

  • Floodsafe hoses are not compatible with LG washing machines, because the inlet valve in LG machines opens up quickly and supplies instant water pressure.
  • If you are using a FloodSafe hose then this water pressure can force the Floodsafe to close.
  • So if you are getting a constant IE error code then you should use the LG hoses that you received with the LG washer.

Fix 7: Contact LG

if you have tried all the given troubleshoots but still getting the issue then now you should try contacting the LG support team for better help and advice.

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