How To Fix LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5?

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LiftMaster 8550W Error Code 1-5

If you are using Liftmaster 8550W and you are frequently facing an error code 1-5 then take it as a serious problem. Here in this post, we are going to share the best possible solutions for this problem so that you can get rid of LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5.

What Is LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5?

Liftmaster 8550W error code 1-5 or 15 is technically known as a “Motor Control” error. This is a Malfunction that cannot be repaired until you change the motor control module. And It will cost you around 225 dollars which includes module and labor simultaneously.

But in this post, we have shared some quick troubleshoots which can let you fix the issue.

How To Fix LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5?

Fix 1: Click down the rope

  • To get rid of the error 1-5 on your Liftmaster 8550W you need to click on the rope.
  • Once you are done with the rope, lift the store up and down.

If still there is any confusion then watch the video given below. Here one person demonstrated this troubleshoot.

Fix 2: check the wiring

  • Sometimes loose wires or damaged cables play the culprit for severe issues and Liftmaster is no exception to this.
  • Check all the cables connected to the Liftmaster and wall outlet and make sure they are not damaged. If any, replace them then and there.
  • If no wires are damaged then unplug all the wires and plug in them back securely and tightly to make sure there are no loose wires.
  • Then check if it fixes the issue or not.

Fix 3: Replace motor control module

If all the wires are in perfect condition, and clicking down the rope doesn’t fix the issue then you may have to replace the travel module in order to fix the issue.

Fix 4: Check This Guide

You can also read this official guide for the Liftmaster error code. Maybe this will be helpful.

Fix 5: Contact LiftMaster

If you are tired of trying troubleshoots but nothing worked for you. Then you must contact LiftMaster support. They are the best person at this time to deal with this issue.

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